Ringing in 2012

I hope everyone survived holiday time with the family! My goal over the holidays was to do some good ol’ fashioned achievement whoring, and I must say, it was a wild success. I started with Loremaster, which I haven’t quite finished yet having Icecrown and Bloody Hell Bloodmyst Island–with its quest chain tied to a note in some Blood Elf’s pocket–standing between me and the achievement. With all the questing, and the gear that was thrown in my face time, after time, after time, I also did something over the weekend I thought I’d never ever do: I visited the ethereal’s shop!


It all started when I went to Northrend. There was this really love combo of gear that kept showing up again and again.


Although my husband swears that if I was left to live in wood for 40 days, I’d just go bare ::ahem:: bear, I chose to imagine that’s not the case. I’d take all those fuzzy animals and craft them into a great looking set and call it a day.

For this set, I’m wearing: Cow King’s Hide, Hydrafang Breeches, Strange Voodoo Belt, Mantle of Keristrasza, Flesh Handler’s Gauntlets and Yeti Hide Mantle.

I also found a really wicked staff… ok, maybe wicked is not the best word. But it’s definitely the right touch for a friendly heal all the things druid. However, I don’t actually have a staff at the moment, so this set is sitting in abeyance for the near future.

Included in this set are: Spire of Withering Dreams, Moonglade Robe, Dragon Crested Epaulets

Other Gaming

I’ve also taken some time to whittle some time away at other games during the break. My guild takes a rather extended raiding break during the holidays so I’ve had plenty of free time on my hands. Before the holiday, my husband picked up Skyrim, and while it’s controls make me quite, quite sad, the game experience is lovely. I throttled the difficulty setting down to nothing after being entirely too frustrated breaking out of jail. I’m much too used to having an easy way to turn around in crisis that this mouse push business is really quite frustrating. I am currently sneaking around in heavy plate and throwing spells at any who choose to stand in my way. While it makes no sense in any universe (sneaking… plate… wtf?!) it’s been a blast. I love that I have no restrictions on how I want to putter around, and can meet challenges on my own terms.

I was also gifted with the newest Zelda (fangirl folks) and have been having a great time trying to catch up to the Princess. While I was ready to throttle Nintendo when I discovered I needed the newer, fancier controller (can we put that on the package in bold letters next time?) I must say that it really makes a difference. I feel like I have much better control over actions that require a touch of manual dexterity. It’s made the game experience much more fun to find that a waggle to the left is in fact a left-leaning waggle.

2012 Plans

Right now, my plans for the game world haven’t changed much. I’ll continue to hang out with my guild and kill internet dragons. I might take up some PvP from time to time to round out my achievement gaming. I finish up my master’s in May (my ability to write coherently willing) and will be taking a break from the books to earn some money.

The really big change for me starts tomorrow. My mother is moving in. It’s supposed to be temporary, but since we have no firm date on what temporary means, I’m a little anxious about what the time frame will end up being. It’s hard having an adult come to live with you: much harder when that adult is your own parent, and I imagine there’s going to be some growing pains as we try to etch out our little domains. We’ve given up our computer room for a bedroom, and my computer/work space now resides in our only living area.

To say that I’m a little anxious about the respect for my own time and space that isn’t work would be an understatement. While I absolutely refuse to allow it to encroach on my guild commitments, I may have a harder time keeping up the blog. So no grandiose plans or promises of content to come. I imagine it will continue to lurch along as before–a smattering of posts about whatever I think is fun or relevant at the time–but that may not be the case.

I can say with authority that I won’t be entering SW:TOR. Every time I see a light saber, all I can think is:

Whoa. Those glowie condoms really do light up now, don’t they?

I know, I know. I have the maturity of a 9 year old. 🙂 2012, here we come!


4 thoughts on “Ringing in 2012

  1. I use the blog for self mental therapy from time to time, so you might be surprised about how much you want to write to help deal with your new “situation.” Maybe tips on how to play wow in a common area, lol. I never put much thought into it, but I think if we had more space both my wife and I would want to play in separate rooms.

  2. I wish you the best with your “situation” and being as its open ended, just the thought of the unknown can be intimidating. I have enjoyed you and your hubby in guild chat and vent. I look forward to more Azeroth adventures with you, maybe him also. Just kidding as he does not raid I do not know him as much as you. But he now knows I learned where the guild message of the day is located.

  3. Whoa. Those glowie condoms really do light up now, don’t they?

    – For a second I was thinking ‘hey new business idea’ – Turns out its been done…

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