10-Man Healing Team | Heroic Yor’sahj

This is not intended as a comprehensive example of all viable healing solutions for this encounter. These strategies were utilized by the Production Company healing team, and hopefully, will provide a starting point for starting a discussion about your healing model for the encounter! 

Yor’sahj the Unsleeping is an early healing/DPS check for your team. While we’re not as concerned with kill priority in terms of making sure we’re running in the right direction, knowing what combinations you get will help you plan your healing strategy appropriately. For this encounter, we utilized 1 tank and 2 healers, although this may vary based on your raid composition.

Before discussing the strategies involved, it will help to be aware of some background information.


In heroic mode, Yor’sahj will spawn 4 oozes. Your raid will whack down one of the little darlings, leaving you with 3 to worry about. There are 6 possible combinations, and  this chart should cover ooze priorities for 10-man teams. Keep in mind that, depending on the circumstances and abilities of your particular team, it might not be 100% accurate. 

The Debuff

Dealing with the debuff is the same on heroic as on normal; however, the damage will be higher than you faced on normal mode, so I’ve included this list as a refresher for which abilities trigger the debuff to stack.

Keep in mind that having a raid member reach a 5th stack results in a wipe.

As a general rule of thumb direct healing adds a stack, while indirect healing does not. Paladins are the main exception to this rule, hence their increased value (and QQ from the rest of us about their overpowered awesomeness). Most HoT ticks, after the initial application, do not apply stacks either, although some cool-downs are exceptions.


No stacks

  • Leader of the Pack
  • Frenzied Regeneration (Including 4-piece T13 bonus)
  • Efflorescence
  • Bloom from Lifebloom

1 Stack

  • Swiftmend
  • Rejuvenation
  • Wild Growth (per player)
  • Lifebloom (per stack)

Raid Wiper

  • Tranquility (applies 1 stack per tick)


No stacks

  • Beacon of Light heals
  • Guardian of Ancient Kings
  • Lay on Hands
  • Word of Glory
  • Divine Storm

1 Stack

  • Holy Radiance
  • Light of Dawn

Other Information

  • Divine Shield does not clear or prevent stacks.


No stacks

  • Desperate Prayer
  • Echo of Light
  • Guardian Spirit
  • Prayer of Mending
  • Vampiric Embrace (shadow)
  • Power Word: Barrier
  • Divine Aegis

1 Stack

  • Holy Word: Serenity
  • Prayer of Healing
  • Lightwell
  • Penance (per channel, not per tick)
  • Power Word: Shield (with or without glyph)
  • Binding Heal (target and player)
  • Holy Word: Sanctuary (players leaving and entering will gain an additional stack)
  • Renew
  • Holy Nova (all targets)

Raid Wiper

  • Atonement
  • Divine Hymn


No Stacks

  • Earth Shield
  • Healing Stream Totem
  • Spirit Link Totem
  • Feral Spirit (enhancement)
  • Stoneclaw Totem (with glyph)

1 Stack

  • Unleash Life (Earthliving Weapon itself gives no stacks)
  • Chain Heal (per person)
  • Healing Rain (players leaving and entering will gain an additional stack)
  • Riptide

Non-Healing Classes

None of these abilities will cause stacks. This is provided for informational purposes so you can yell at these people to work on healing themselves during tough phases ^^

Death Knight

  • Death Strike, Blood Shield, Death Pact, Rune Tap (including glyph), Blood Parasite


  • Chimera Shot


  • Evocation (including glyph)
  • Ice Block will not clear stacks


  • Recuperate


  • Healthstone, Drain Life, Fel Armor, Death Coil


  • Frenzied Regeneration, Blood Craze



1 stack

  • Gift of the Naaru


None of these abilities will cause stacks.

  • Trinket, weapon or set bonus procs
  • Grounded Plasma Shield (engineering)
  • Health potions
  • Bandages

General Strategy

The fight will be very similar to normal mode–there’s just more damage! Some general things you should know:

  • Stack unless you have a green ooze.
  • Purple phases will be much more frequent on heroic.
  • Be sure that Deep Corruption stacks properly on your raid frame of choice (spell ID 105171)
  • If you have a yellow ooze, be prepared to use a major healing cool-down.
  • Mana will be tight until your 2nd blue orb.

Healers should split the raid between them to avoid cross-stacking of the buff. If you have a paladin, assign them the tank. If you don’t have a paladin, choose your healer with the absolute strongest single target heal. Damage during a purple phase is moderately light, so try not to panic and heal sparingly. Using stronger heals is a must. Also, keep a tight eye on the debuffs cool-down. It will reset once during the phase, giving you a bit of breathing room. At the end of a purple phase, one healer should follow the ooze team to top everyone off. Other than the massive healing required during a yellow ooze phase, keeping the tank alive during the debuff is the biggest challenge. You may see difficult combinations back to back, so use major raid cool-downs sparingly.

During your first blue ooze phase, the DPS should whittle the mana orb to ~30% when it drops, but should not break it until a 2nd orb appears. Be sure to have all mana cool-downs available for after the first mana drain (Mana Tide Totem, Hymn of Hope, etc.) This ensures that mana for the rest of the fight is always available and pain free. Make sure that your tank stacks on the mana orb whenever a blue ooze is incoming. Since most ooze combinations require stacking, having the raid on/within the mana orbs dispersal range will ensure that mana does not become an issue.

Druid Stuff

In order to be successful on this fight, it is important to keep a beady eye on your HoT application, and make good use of Healing Touch/Regrowth. You should pre-HoT your raid team prior to Yor’sahj absorbing the oozes on every purple phase. Pre-HoT’ting the tank with Lifebloom is acceptable, but is unlikely to have any great benefit. Tree of Life and Tranquility are poor choices for any purple phase, which makes Druids somewhat undesirable in terms of healing cool-downs in comparison with other healing classes.

If your raiding team has a class with a pet (warlock/hunter/DK), you can use the pet for Lifebloom (mana conservation) and to bounce Swiftmend off of to provide Efflorescence without adding a tick to a player.

This is a good fight to maximize the haste in your set above the Wild Growth “cap” in order to give you more cushion in applying Healing Touch to targets.


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  1. Great post! I’ve been using our warlock pet to keep beacon heals on our tank as well! I don’t think that is true about Guardian of Ancient Kings not giving extra stacks, but I could be wrong. Thought I noticed stacks being applied for the duplicate heals the one time I popped it, but I suppose it could have been from the other healer as well. Hopefully we should have this fight down soon.

  2. Great post Windsoar. I can’t wait to get a chance to put this to work, and I cannot believe it never occurred to me to pre-HoT the raid going into a purple absorb. I also had no idea that Efflorescence doesn’t add stacks, so I hadn’t been using it and was mostly depending on HT/Regrowth. Thanks a ton for this!

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