Screenshots: Pics of the Week

These aren’t exceptionally great screenshots, but I enjoyed them all the same.

First up is my new mount which I can’t decide whether I want to ride or secretly covet. I almost wish I’d waited to roll on it so I could have seen my whole raid team decked out on one, but I just couldn’t help myself:

It’s just such a pretty mount, and it’s my first “boss” mount, so come what may, it’ll always be an important part of my story with Production Company.

The second is more because of the circumstances around the shot. I was doing this quest in Loch Modan where you hide in a bush in order to sneak up (and spray) your unsuspecting victim. I suspect that they intended you to use the bush as you reached your quest objective, but instead, I ran around the entire area in my “disguise”:

As I aggroed my 2nd murloc on the way to my quest objective, my husband asked:

– What do you call a dwarf and a bush?

– I dunno. What?

– Russell.

Gotta love the corny!


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