Minipost: What IS Solar Beam?

Ever heard a lazer chicken splutter? It’s not the easiest feat, especially with that beak of theirs. But over the weekend, as the hubby and I ran some randoms and worked on some Cata dungeon achieves, I could hear the anguished cries from the other room “Oh COME ON!”

Why you ask?

Because I think we didn’t meet a single tank who understood what a solar beam was.

While a well-placed solar beam is sometimes placed on a lone caster to lure it into your tank’s waiting arms, more often, a solar beam would be dropped directly on a packed clump of mobs only for the tank to… remove them.

So ignore your cat-like reflexes which pull you out of dangerous AoE bad stuffs, and stay in the bloody solar beam! Your boomchicken will thank you.

This is a public service announcement brought to you by the Moonkin Sanity Council, Chapter 2493. Thank you for your support!

7 thoughts on “Minipost: What IS Solar Beam?

  1. I love that second picture. The boomkin just looks so dejected and totally unsurprised at what just occurred. You can almost see the resigned sag in their shoulders. 😉

  2. Well I’ll be damned. Maybe it’s time I leveled a druid. Get to be a little ray of sunshine on a cloudy day? I’ll take two! Sounds like eleven herbs and spices to me.

  3. Hey, you have played a tank, you know how this goes.

    Must hit cool downs to not die…
    Must not stand in bad to not die…
    Why is the healer sighing at me? Was that a good circle on the ground?
    What is this glowy spotlight? It must be bad.
    It’s so confusing!

    Of course, most tanks can get it with a simple reminder of what the good stuff to stand in looks like.

    Of course, this can also be used just to mess with your friends like when our warlocks would cast rain of fire on top of me during fights when the mobs cast the same spell just so they could laugh at me running out of theirs which was obviously not hurting me.

  4. Between not having many boomkin in our guild and almost never running into them in PUGs, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that effect before. And it honestly looks a lot like something bad.

    I agree with Awryt, tanks might just need a reminder that it’s actually a good thing.

  5. That sad moonkin there on the picture is me when I do dungeons.. Most tanks have no idea what it is or they don’t care cause they almost always pull the mobs out from the Solar Beam when I so proudly place it perfectly on top of them, I even got an addon which announce when I interrupt somethin, but they still don’t get it 😦

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