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It was the end of a weekly LFR run, and the group was huddled beside Deathwing’s cache waiting for dice to finish rolling. Out of the blue, one of the feral druids starts having a hissy cow about how the rogue (my friend incidentally) was a disgrace and should never ever come back to a LFR. Because it was my friend’s name that scrolled across the screen, I started reading:

– You are nothing but a DPS farmer.

– What’s a DPS farmer?

– If you don’t know, you’re just showing that you are one.

Well damn, thought I, maybe I’m a dps farmer too!

You see, once upon a time, there were farmers.


They tilled the fields and made sure yummy produce was available for the eating. And it was good.

Then some other things happened: industrialization, the birth of the computer, and WoW. (I’m sure there was some other stuff too, but you get the idea).

Early WoW explorers discovered a new type of farming: gold farming.

People got paid to play the game, rack up loots, make a lot of gold, and sell it to other players. Sure, they made people who played the game for fun and not profit a little hot under the collar, but it’s a job right?

Then, there was farming that could be enjoyed by all, such as AoE farming.

A great tool for the adventurer in need of cash.

But DPS farming? Is that where you go out and kill DPS? Get rid of your extraneous DPS by selling it to other DPS players who just don’t have enough?

Although I wish I’d captured some screenshots of the conversation in question, I’ll share what my fragmented memory can dredge up:

– You should give other players a chance to DPS.

– How come you can’t DPS?

– Because you’re just showing off. If you’d done less DPS, we wouldn’t look so bad.

– So I should contribute less DPS? And not do my job, why?

– But you weren’t doing your job. That’s why your DPS is so good.

– So, I was killing the boss, switching to adds, and staying out of bad stuff, and I wasn’t doing my job how?

– See, you’re just a DPS farmer. You shouldn’t even come to LFR and give the rest of us a chance.

– Wait. Because I did great DPS, didn’t cause a problem, and didn’t win any loot, I somehow made your LFR experience worse?

– Right. Because you’re a DPS farmer.

Apparently DPS farmers farm bosses. And it is bad.


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  1. I think that just sounds like a case of someone who would have found something to complain about no matter what. I seem to see them in every LFR and it’s one of the few things I don’t like about the system. But I don’t fault LFR for that because I’ve seen them in normal pug raids too.

  2. I’ve never heard this term before…but OMG, that is hilarious! Have terrible DPS, people complain at you. Have fantastic DPS, people complain at you. You just can’t win!

  3. That is a new one, I have never heard that. I enter LFR and so far have been top dps, which is ironic to our guild and others H raiding guilds at large. Hunters should not be the top dps currently, everytime I am in one I think how everyone else is not doing their job. But the bosses die I have only won gloves in every week since clear, and I will go until I have my 4 pc.

    Although your LFR tops my experiences, I have never been accused of doing too much DPS, and in an effort to make someone look bad. Yes thats why I raid to make others look bad.

    So instead of epeen is that unpeen? I believe his response deserves a new catagory.

    Unpeen- When a player degrades another player for over performance blaming the top player for their own lack of performance. This is not to be confused with noob, nub, or newb as everyone has to start somewhere, but rather after a period of playing someone does what they want and still does not get their desired out come (see snowflake). When this out come is not achieved OBVIOUSLY it can’t be the perfomance of the unpeen playing style. So the logical reason is the top players are taking their dps away from them, after all there is only so much dps to go around and on my server DPS is so over priced on the AH.

    I have to admit that is a new one for me. The only response I could think of is I am not making you look bad you are doing that all by yourself without any assistance from me.

  4. Just a hunch, but I might be able to shed some light on what that player was talking about.

    When newer or solo players unaccustomed to seeing recount display 25 names, it’s possible to get a sense that there is only 100% of damage on a boss available. Stay with me here, we’re talking new math. So YOU roll in with your fancy gear and über abilities (ahem-nolifer) and do 42K DPS, that takes up like, 12% of the available DPS on the boss, and makes MY deeps suck.

    Seriously. I was very tired (and/or drunk) the other night in LFR and was wondering why my DPS was so bad, falling from my usual #1 or #2, and I noticed that the top 3 had actually done nearly 25% of the damage. I briefly went to the above logic before swearing to avoid math concepts while impaired.

    I’m convinced that some players might actually believe that my DPS affects their DPS. Thus i am “farming” their DPS.

    BTW, I forgot to reforge my hit rating after an upgrade, it was at about 4%.

  5. If anything the guy should have complained at the tanks and any healers who might’ve been casting some damaging spells for stealing his dps :p

  6. This begs the question… are there HPS farmers and TPS farmers as well? Because that would just be too much for me to handle, my head would explode at that point o.0

  7. One more thought, piggy-backing on Bristol’s – with great DPS, perhaps they were wondering why you were in an LFR, and not just running in a guild-raid sitch.

    People do tend to complain no matter what. No sure what that is or why.

    But that one is odd.

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