Minipost: Loot in ProCo

We have a simple loot system in Production Company. If you need an item, you roll on it. If you want it for off-spec, you roll a 200. If you want it for fun or don’t think you’ll use it much, you roll a 300. Whoever is highest (based on priority 100>200>300) wins the loot. But do they keep it?

Roll on [Awesome Epic]

Player 1 rolls 82 (1-100)

Player 2 rolls 15 (1-100)

Player 3 rolls 185 (1-200)

Player 4 rolls 91 (1-100)

Player 4 receives [Awesome Epic]

– #4: You sure you don’t need this 2. I got a really cool ring last week, and I see you’re using 397 legs.

– #2: Oh no, you should definitely keep it, because I won this trinket a few days ago. I can wait for the next token.

– #4: Well ok…. /opens trade with #1. You know, I think you should have these 1, I mean, this would give you 3 pieces, and then you’d be one away from a 4-piece.

– #1: But it might take me weeks to get another tier token, and you can use it now. Just keep it already!

– #4: You know, maybe I should give it to #3. They use their off-spec once an expansion, but what if we need them to swap on the final boss this tier? They need to be prepared!

Wednesday I spent about an hour trying to get rid of a truly excellent trinket, because, well, you know. I didn’t need it. It’s probably a good thing we have a roll system as opposed to say, open bartering, or we’d never get loot distributed. As it is, I think we redistribute the wealth so frequently that it would be impossible to do any kind of “accounting” as to who actually received what and when, which makes me blessedly thankful that we don’t have one of those pesky point systems.


4 thoughts on “Minipost: Loot in ProCo

  1. Sounds like my guild. We have just used the standard roll system for at least the last 2.5 expansions. It works and for the most part we fall into the same problem, a good old fashion Rebellion “Nice Off”. Where everyone is trying to pass the loot to somebody else until finally somebody gets their arm twisted and hits the roll button. It went so far as a few weeks ago the Resto Druid still had an item in his bag from the prior weeks raid that still had a trade timer on it and he gave it to my Holy Priest. Gotta love when you play with a bunch of people who really don’t care about the loot and are willing to help each other out. Don’t see that much anymore

  2. Epi was supposed to take the damn trinket. She is still using the freaking MOONWELL CHALICE for heaven’s sake and has some idea that the on demand mastery is superior to the 200 odd intellect gain she would get by swapping trinkets.
    Clearly we have nothing but a bunch of healing farmers in this guild.

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