Minipost: Ears or Charms?

This week, you have the start of the Love is in the Air event and the Darkmoon Faire.

 For the Darkmoon Faire quest, Test Your Strength, you collect 250 Grisly Trophies.


For Love is in the Air, you’ll want to collect Lovely Charms


Which become Lovely Charm Bracelets for your favorite faction leader(s).

As it stands now, you can only collect one type of trophy at a time. If you are on the Test Your Strength quest, collecting ugly ears will take precedent over Lovely Charms.

If you want to make sure you can finish the daily quests for Love is in the Air, and get your Trophies done for the Faire, make sure that you finish up all your trophies in one fell swoop so you can start collecting charms!


You cannot get trophies and charms from the same mob. However, if you do not apply the killing blow (i.e. you’re in a group) you may still receive charms.


One thought on “Minipost: Ears or Charms?

  1. That’s weird – I picked up both Test Your Strength and the Lovely Charm collection kit last night and went to kill some stuff. Both Grisly Trophies and Lovely Charms dropped fine – granted, the Grisly Trophies dropped about twice as often as the Lovely Charms, but that didn’t stop the Lovely Charms from dropping altogether (and from the killing I’ve done since completing TYS, that seems to be the natural droprate of Lovely Charms). I’m on the EU side of things, if that matters any.

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