Minipost: The Blackhorn Game

It’s a lovely ship, it really is. But when you’re facing a wipe-fest as you face a deck filled with fire, rampaging idiots and shadowy stuff that eats the floor out from under you, well, you need some amusement value to pass the time.

Now, in theory, our ranged group hangs out on the upper deck to dish out some damage to drakes as they zoom in to drop off their passengers.

It looks like such an easy thing, a quick run up and a little turn left, and… voila! Ready to dish out damage.

Unless you’re a fat fluffy lazor chicken. In that case, you waddle your feathered backside up the stairs and promptly jump off what all those slim draenei ladies find as such an easy step to the side.

Instead of feeling bad about it (and providing amusement for everyone else) you can always make your own game of it.

Now, I will say, don’t be like me. I ended up the night with a -15 and was just happy to discover that I didn’t get sucked through the Turbine and leave nothing but feathers behind. That lamp post sure looks easy, but it sure takes practice. And I got lots and lots of practice.

You can also enjoy the merits of a good screenshot as your body is blown off and away. It’s all about perspective folks.


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