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The past week or so I’ve been looking towards the future, the new expansion coming to WoW, and I’ve been considering what I’m going to be in the new expansion. I’ve found that the longer I play the game, the more likely I am to want to change it up, experience new classes and roles. On the other hand, because I’m somewhat divorced from my character as my identity in the gaming world, I also realize that I’m unlikely to make any change, or even stay the same class/role, if it doesn’t provide a clear benefit for my team.

So my question for everyone as we wind down the Cataclysm expansion: Do you find yourself more wedded to your main over time, or are you more likely to change your main during expansions?


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  1. In BC I changed my main 3ish times. I’m pretty sure the GM hated me for it, too. I always was interested in trying to fit the role that best helped the team and kinda ignored what I wanted to do, so I always seemed really indecisive.

    Now that I’ve been playing for a bit longer, I really only see expansions as a time to consider changing mains, and even then it’s a really hard choice to make.

    In wrath I actually powerleveled my DK because I was going to be the DK in the guild, but a lack of healers moved me back to my priest. Did I enjoy playing my DK? Hell yeah. Would I have stuck with a DK as a main if we didn’t need more healers? Possibly, but it’s hard to say yes. My mindset has changed so much between then and now that I’m not sure what I really wanted at the time. Now I’m so in love with my mage that it would be hard to switch. Could I do it to fill a roll we needed? Sure, I could tank on my DK for awhile without issue, but I’m pretty sure it would get old eventually. It’s just not the same.

    I doubt I’d attempt to switch mains come MoP, even if the new class is really exciting. I really understand how I react to “new and shiny” and I realize that it’s not very likely that I’ll suddenly find the class that is an even better fit than a mage. There’s just something about the playstyle that I really enjoy.

    And even with account-wide achievement coming in MoP, there are some things you still can’t take with you when you switch characters.

  2. Interesting question. My first WoW character was a dwarf warrior, because that is what the friend who invited me played. Then I created a gnome mage, and fell in love with her. The class mechanics and wackiness of playing a mage captured me and I worked on her almost exclusively all the way to 80, then 85. Along the way I created other characters, including when I reached lvl 55 a Tauren Death Knight. At the time the only way to get the Black Tabby Cat pet was from the rare Alliance Friendly mob in Ambermill. A DK was the quickest way to get a horde character in there and I liked the lore behind the Tauren. I quickly picked up a Black Tabby for myself and for a friend and pretty much forgot about the Tauren.


    For some reason I did not delete the character (to this day I get too attached to them) and once I got mage to 85 I started to feel a bit of the boredom creep in. I decided to go back to my TDK and max her. Then I decided to max her professions. Then I decided to take her through Firelands. Now I just finished her first title: Elder Maryalee.I am pouring time and gold into her starting tank set…I have never tanked. I love the DK class mechanics, and I am finding I am loving…”bulling” our way through mobs anywhere on Azaroth. I am no longer 100% sure who my “main” is anymore. I think of Eranei as my “main” on Blackwater, and Maryalee as my “main” on Scarlet; and, I am leveling Nataniae to be my “main” on Proudmoore over a family of other worgen.

    At this point I am finding WoW to have too much amazing fun to offer to experience through just once character, just one class, just one perspective. I would like a full plate, please. “Baby you’re a firework, come on show ’em what you’re worth.”

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  4. I can’t imagine changing my main. She is too much a part of me and my WoW experiences. One of the benefits of a hybrid is the ability to swap roles and experience the game differently. I have actually enjoyed tanking a bit (I still prefer warrior tanking, but I know longer think ICK when talking about pally tanking).

    I think the big question for me is: How does my raid team change with the expansion? Will we have enough to keep doing 25-mans? Can I make the time to raid with a second team? Do I want to?

  5. I can’t ever see not playing my priest at this point. She’s just so much a part of who I am and she’s the perfect fit for me. A helper, a healer, but definitely not somebody you wanna piss off! Lol!

    I’m also playing so little right now that I just wouldn’t have the time to learn a new character from the ground up. And I don’t know that I’d ever feel it β€œclick” like it does with my priest. But who knows. They’re overhauling everything in MoP, so maybe I’ll finally get the drive and desire to put effort into an alt. Might find a new love! It’s just impossible to say.

  6. I’ve been playing a warlock as a main for two years. Sometimes I get distracted with other classes, but at the end of the day my warlock is the one I care the most about. She’s the one I raid with, she’s the one with the achievements. I don’t think the new expansion will change that, but I’m looking forward to playing a panda. πŸ™‚

  7. I never thought I’d play anything else except a fury warrior… then I rolled a druid on a whim and this is the second expansion I’ll finish with her. I have zero plans of changing my main in Pandaria or ever. Hell, I even rolled a second druid, just in case we get some alt runs going! Leafy Jen is here to stay πŸ˜€

  8. Am tempted about playing a healing monk – but it depends on the style of healer they are…

    I have been playing my Mage since 2005 as my main, she’d was my first toon. I am so attached to her that even the idea of possibly changing to another toon almost brings me to tears…. I am far too attached to her now that the monk will have to be so far beyond awesome to make me switch πŸ™‚

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