Meme the Sixth

I had such a nice surprise this morning, a lovely meme from Gnomeaggedon, as if it wasn’t enough that he announced yesterday that he’d finished the long, arduous climb to Battlemaster!

So, on to the meme! The challenge was to open my sixth sub-folder in my screenshot folder and pick my sixth image to share. I’ll admit I took a few liberties.

Liberty the first: This is just snatched from my plain ol’ screenshot folder since I don’t have a bunch of fancy new-fangled sub-folders.

Liberty the second: I have a lot of re-named screenshots that I’ve used to post. I skipped ’em.

Liberty the third: Secretly, I think I’m a photographer. Instead of taking a single shot, I usually snap off a reel of 2-6 screenshots. So, I went ahead and hop skipped and jumped over any duplicates of the same basic shot.

I’ll admit that I squee’d a bit when I saw what the roulette had given me, a screenshot I hadn’t used in the blog before AND one I was really happy with to boot!

Are you sighing yet? “Wind, you’re almost always a tree, who gives a flying leap!?” But this is a very special tree, as you’ll notice from my lack of purple foliage. This time, I’m a lovely tree as I fight for my Staff of Nordrassil (you can even see a bit of my raid team huddled around in awe!) It’s also one of the few times I’ve managed to get an action shot, front and center, IN A RAID, without screwing anything up. I only got one shot folks, and I think it came out pretty well if I do say so myself!

Now, since this is a meme I get to call out others to suffer bask in their own screenshot folders! If you’re not a blogger, feel free to post a link to what you’ve found in your own folder in the comments. If you are a blogger, poke someone until they scream out your name to make the annoyance stop. Or be lucky enough to be picked randomly on my first go… you never know!

I watch a lot of bloggers who like to screenshot, so my picks for this meme are:

I hope y’all enjoy plunging into your screenshot folder as much as I did. Thanks Gnomeaggedon!

16 thoughts on “Meme the Sixth

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  2. What a great shot! Oh god, I’m not at home right now, and when I get home I’ll be looking at my screenshot folder to see what I come up with… I don’t have any subfolders! I might have to have a bit of creative license with that one…

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  7. Oh, wow, that is an amazing shot of that stage of the Dragonwrath questline! I tried a couple of times to get pictures of it when guildies were doing the event, and never got one I was happy with. This one is simply gorgeous!

  8. That’s a sweet screenshot. It almost makes me want to spec my Druid into Tree form for some experiments. 🙂

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