Minipost: Nostalgia

It’s funny how the littlest things can bring back the past, bring the game of several years ago back into sharp focus. As I was flitting around Ironforge, delivering a Lovely Charm to my favorite faction leader, I ran across Sognar Cliffbeard.

He’s not a quest giver. He doesn’t repair my goods or sell reagents. He only sells, well, meat. But Sognar and I, we used to be tight. I visited him every night I was on-line, buying one of his delectable offerings, Roasted Quail.

Once upon a time, hunters had to feed their pets. If your pet died, it got pissed. If it was too long since the last feeding, it got pissed. If you put it away in order to leap from tall places so that it didn’t drag aggro from the entire dungeon… you guessed it… it got pissed. Not only did you have to fill up a bag with arrows (or bullets), pots and food for yourself, but you always had greasy meat hanging around in your pack for your pet, because it was guaranteed to be miffed at you sometime during the evening.

For many moons, the Military Ward of Ironforge was my home

And Starweaver and Dusk my companions

And it only took a inconsequential dwarf, hawking his wares in a now abandoned district to bring it all back.


5 thoughts on “Minipost: Nostalgia

  1. I have increasing numbers of moments like this, and I look forward to the day when I can live again in Ironforge and not be forced to go to Stormwind for travel.

    I really hope with the Panda announcements next month they bring people back into the Mountain… 😀

  2. Gives me a nostalgia fer the tagline of the first WoW blog I discovered after I started writin’ me own: “If you smell like roasted quail, run”

  3. While not a quest vendor, I visit often to buy those lovely Bags o’ Sheep Innards so useful to Keepin’ the Haggis Flowin’.

    Not being a hunter, I hadn’t noticed Sognar until Daryl Riknussun started keeping me busy. Thus I started running to visit Sognar about once a week or so.

  4. That Mr. Cliffbeard! Such an upstanding young gent. I wonder how he’s managed with decreased customers, economic downturn and all. Good to know he’s still peddling that same part of town. I wish him the best.

  5. YES! The estimable Mr Cliffbeard. I logged out in Bruuk’s Tavern as a regular back in those days, after restocking my supplies of pet food from Sognar. (Especially as there wasn’t anywhere in Stormwind at the time to buy Roasted Quail!) Those were good times, brought back by the fact that I’m huntering again. I miss being a regular resident of Ironforge, lots of good memories there.

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