I consider myself a very honest person. One of the consequences of being honest, is that you also find yourself as labeled blunt. I once had a friend, who after sharing her bucket of woes and asking for my opinion, told me:

Anne, you’re too honest.

I was rocked back on my heels, I’ll admit. How can you be too honest? Shouldn’t everyone strive to tell the truth, to the best of their ability, all the time?

Well… that’s complicated.

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I Cried Inside, and Then…

Tonight I received a message from my guild leader. We used to chat fairly often throughout the day, he while working and me while writing, but there was a recent (and awesome!) job change that has reduced our communication to short bursts when one of us has the time or energy to show up early for a raid, or stay up a bit late thereafter. So I wasn’t particularly worried… it’d been awhile since our last chat, but they’ve always been great things.

But today, the news was not so good. He had decided that Production Company would no longer be a raiding guild.

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Minipost: Control

Team. You don’t mind if I call you team, do you? We should have shirts or something with Team Alt on them or something. Anyway, I digress.

Team, I have a conundrum, a horrible, festering badness that is attempting to ruin my happy fun times. Usually, when I’m annoyed, I go rage in my little private forums, talk to a cohort, or pester my husband with whatever is bothering me. I’ve tried all these methods, and nothing. I can’t seem to get the bad out of my system. Continue reading

Star Struck

I really hate that moment when you have to go back and redact a statement. These things happen, but sheesh, here I am, promising to never hold a glowing condom in my hand, and… well…

Fear my light stick!

It happened. In my defense, I’ll say that I didn’t pay for the honor of holding a glowie stick and leaping around like a nut. Guild-mates and their random desire to be nice to people can have unintended consequences.

So instead of working on my 9k achievement score, or enjoying the wonders of Skyrim, I’m running around the galaxy doing good… or evil. Depends on the day.

As a Skyrim aside, don’t you just love when you put an arrow in someone’s eye and they wander around mumbling, “Hmmm, I thought I heard something. Oh well.”

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Spinal Tap

If there is one fight in Dragon Soul I could have taken out of the developers lab and down to the local park to shoot, Deathwing’s Spine would have been it. It has all these elements that comprise a fun fight: a gimmick roll, adds to kill, adds to not kill, and a tight schedule to keep, but it is so bloody boring. The fight itself is long, the 3 plate pops reminds me of the 3 strikes and you’re out mode of Zelda without the cute animations, and it does not engage the raid team consistently.

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The last couple of weeks have been a bit hectic. My committee requested my completed thesis 2 weeks earlier than the original deadline. My desktop attempted to die and had to be rushed to the shop. And then there are the usual day to day issues that come with being an adult: feeding your household, pretending to keep house, showing up for work/school assignments things and keeping the cat away from important documents, glasses, and keyboards.

Unfortunately, this time around, it caused me to miss some raid nights. It caused me to show up and pray for a substitute to be available on others. However, it also brought into to focus how I prioritize staying on top of my raid “chores” when I’m crunched for time.

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