Star Struck

I really hate that moment when you have to go back and redact a statement. These things happen, but sheesh, here I am, promising to never hold a glowing condom in my hand, and… well…

Fear my light stick!

It happened. In my defense, I’ll say that I didn’t pay for the honor of holding a glowie stick and leaping around like a nut. Guild-mates and their random desire to be nice to people can have unintended consequences.

So instead of working on my 9k achievement score, or enjoying the wonders of Skyrim, I’m running around the galaxy doing good… or evil. Depends on the day.

As a Skyrim aside, don’t you just love when you put an arrow in someone’s eye and they wander around mumbling, “Hmmm, I thought I heard something. Oh well.”

I figured if I was going to get into the game (at least for my 30 days) I might as well go whole hog and invest in the story as  Jedi. Light saber ahoy! I went for a Guardian, the tanking type, limiting me to a single well balanced shaft of light to waggle at my enemies. I leap, I kick, I have… sunder? I actually giggled a bit to myself as I put Guardian Slash on my bar and read:

Strikes the target with a powerful blow, dealing 1271 – 1487 weapon damage and applying 3 stacks of armor reduction for 15 seconds. Targets affected by 5 stacks of your armor reduction suffer 1590 – 1860 weapon damage instead.

My oh my, we’ve gone back in time! Add in the talent system that looks like an old remix of a BC era talent tree, and there’s a lot of similarities between WoW and SW:ToR that are just too plain to miss.

I will say the gameplay runs at a nice pace, with a good mix of story-telling and combat opportunities, and the companion system gives the professions system a little something different. I haven’t yet made a final decision on the chattiness of my quest givers. While I enjoy the story-telling aspect, I started getting annoyed with spending time picking responses only to have to listen to myself speak. Missing important parts of the conversation because people in my house are drowning out the narratives with important information like feed me takes a bit of the luster out of having my important quest information relayed through the spoke word. While the whole alien language and subtitles things is a nice touch, I find myself tempted to just turn on subtitles for everyone and spacebar my way through conversations, if nothing else, to get rid of those awkward pauses that sometimes crop up.

Over the weekend I found myself getting a little bored at my quaint, love the universe while kicking ass persona, and decided I wanted to view the world through the filter of credits. I rolled up a Bounty Hunter for the Empire, and I must say, blowing stuff up with pew-pew lazers is just as fun as it sounds.

I'm evil and I know it!

I haven’t really got to experience much of the game as of yet, but as a leveling/solo experience it’s been a blast. I did spend one evening running a couple of group quests (2 to be exact) and it took hours. I really like how the “dungeon” experience so closely mirrors the questing/leveling one with combat interspersed with story-telling, but it’s been so long since I’ve duo’ed group content with a stranger for that long that I think I spent the last hour just begging for the dungeon to end. Since I wasn’t prepared for it to take as long as it did, the experience seemed grueling and pretty overwhelming.

I also poked my head into a PvP game, and that was scary as hell. I don’t think Star Wars has heard of brackets, so at level 10 I was squared off against a full team of 40+ monsters who just dominated the game. I haven’t ventured back in to see another since!

I definitely see why so many players got sucked into the force field that is Star Wars. I mean, it’s Bioware for one. Add the sophisticated graphics (I mean, I didn’t think I’d actually look like a ninja of doom… even on the lowest settings), and a really excellent story to start you off, and it’s hard to shut the game down. Personally, for a couple, I think this would be a perfect endeavor as there’s a good amount of group content for 2-man teams, at least at the lower levels.


4 thoughts on “Star Struck

  1. It really is fun, I’ve got to find time to get back to it and relearn bounty hunting. I’m afraid I’m guilty of spacebaring my way through after the forth character. I’m trying to be one with the dark side but my Bounty Hunter is hopelessly light!

    • I’m running pretty neutral so far. Give me extra money doesn’t always end up on the Dark Side 😛

  2. Bounty Hunters Unite!

    Story wise I have to say it is one of the main things that keep me playing ToR! Its quite refreshing having a story that develops as you lvl up in an MMO.

  3. There is a free weekend this week, so we may get a chance to check it out. As long as they didn’t let Lucas write the dialogue we should be fine. ;). Seriously, for a guy with a great and expansive imagination, his grasp of how people talk to each other leaves a lot to be desired.

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