A Week in Screenshots

Primarily, I’ve been hanging out and killing the same stuff in WoW this week with little variation in my schedule. However, I’ve slowly been gathering candids of my raid team as I have the inclination (and a good shot!) This one is our lovely shadow priest perched high above the Frozen Sea.

The rest are from toodling around in Skyrim. I’m kind of a sucker for dragons, and while I don’t have the mad skills of Dead End Thrills and still haven’t a way to hide the entire UI for really clean shots, I enjoy the scenery to much to pass up on the Print Screen button.

You might have also noticed a new avatar floating around of yours truly. The talented Liala of Disciplinary Action penned (or whatever fancy art-term thingie she did to make me look awesome) the work as a giveaway for Jed’s 2nd year blogaversary.

Whip & crop added per request.

2 thoughts on “A Week in Screenshots

  1. Love the top shot and the new avatar. Esp. the whip 😛 I would have asked for the same lol

    Hopefully one day I’ll have a unique avatar as awesome as yours 🙂

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