[D3] Day 1 Q&A

Although I imagine Error 37, and my subsequent spring fling with CTRL-V, will take awhile to fade from my first impressions of Diablo 3 going live, I did get the opportunity to create my Witch Doctor yesterday arriving alongside my husband’s Wizard outside of New Tristram. We only managed to claw ourselves up to L11, but I must say that what the beta promised, the final product delivered and I’m thoroughly enjoying my return to Diablo’s playground. I don’t imagine that I’ll be hitting nightmare any time soon (unlike some people I know) but as a returning Diablo player, I expected to be running the ropes rather smoothly; however, I did have a few questions crop up, either myself or from others getting ready to start playing. Since I obviously cannot be alone in my derp (wishful thinking) here’s Wind’s self Q&A.

D2 to D3 Comparisons

You’ve got five classes to choose from. Each class has a male/female version. I’ve matched ’em up with how I felt they were the most comparable, although none feel exactly right if you’re looking for a straight transition.

  • Barbarian — Barbarian
  • Monk — Assassin
  • Demon Hunter — Amazon
  • Wizard — Mage
  • Witch Doctor — Necromancer/Druid

Skill Tree

It’s just not the same. Check out this recap on how skill trees work. (And if you’re completely new to D3 thanks to the annual pass bundle, check out this series for WoW players turning to D3).


To play D3 you must have a battle tag, such as Windsoar#1521. You can hand your tag out to anyone you please, and they can add you to their friends list. Like the RealID system, it allows people to see if you are on or offline, where you are (quest-wise) and which toon you’re playing. It also crosses Battle.net, so players in WoW, Starcraft, etc. can track you down and see what game you’re playing.

IF you have friends on your list who are ALSO playing Diablo 3, AND they have a public group, you can enter their “dungeon” from the character selection page. You can also choose to join public games at any time during your dungeon. If you run a public game, others can do the same to you, magically appearing within your dungeon at a whim.

You can also choose to create a private game for some soloing R&R or just to keep your game confined to a friend or two. Those wishing to join you will need permission to enter your game, or you can invite them.

Teleporting & Identifying

No, you really don’t need a book of scrolls in your bag at all times. You won’t start with the ability to teleport. When you reach a certain point in the game (Act I, don’t worry) you’ll be handed the ability and a quest to teleport back to town.

Identifying items just takes a handy right click. You’ll identify it yourself.

Easy enough!

The Smith

You’ll unlock a special and wonderful vendor, the Smith during the first act. Don’t worry about upgrading him. Not only will he follow you from Normal to Nightmare, and Act to Act, but he’s also shareable across all your characters.

The Stash

Tiny but powerful, feel free to share gear between characters with the lockbox next to the inn. (And don’t forget to grab your free potions when you first log-in).

If you haven’t made it in yet, I hope you do soon, and if you are, I hope you’re having as much fun as I am! ^^ Happy Diablo-ing!

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  1. After my installation problems and learning I had to uninstall the Beta, then uninstall the half D3 that was loaded, and finally learning how to forward ports I played a Demon Hunter up to level 9 and finished the first act. I am in no hurry and I am just enjoying the game. I also like how the changed several mobs and added mobs that were not in beta. So it kept that “new” game feel, and I am getting ready tonight for new areas I have not seen in act 2. Glad you are enjoying D3 and will see you in game sometime.

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