Find a New Read Today! #MMONBI

May is the official end our Newbie Blogger Initiative, but I wanted to get a jump before the end and introduce everyone to the bloggers who made NBI such a success! Sponsers provided advice and articles, and  tons of new bloggers came out of the woodwork and accepted the challenge to write, write, write about their MMO of choice.

Whether you blog, are thinking about it, or decided to join during the event, everyone can enjoy a new blog to read, so pick one and get cracking!

Last updated May 29, 2012.


Multi-Game Focus/MMO Industry

MMO Juggler,   To Infinity and Beyond !,Kemwer Game Blog,RavalationThe Incidental, Bloodthorne,Aggrolicious, Warrior Needs Time Badly, Wasd wayDiminishing Returns,Wynnie goes Free to PlayBrazokie’s Blog Space,Casual Aggrotl-drThe Poison Mushroom, The Blue Haired GeekMMO One Night a WeekGaming for Introverts /con mmobGaming AbroadBackseat Game designCasually ViciousThe Frugal GamerThis Roaring SilenceCrafty’s CornerGame DelverNoob RaiderThe Altoholicstnylan’s musingscommentariliesInside the Magic ShopBeyond Tannhauser GateStabby McStabStab, The 10th Level of Gaming Hell, The Mighty Viking Hamster, The Butterfly Gamer, Why I Game, Ald Shot First, Beyond Reproach

Anarchy Online

Sephora’s Closet, Donovan Drones

Diablo III

Click to Loot

Eve Online

Raspberry Jammed,AntiPlasmaFrequency, toastmansblog,Warp to Zero,EVE All Night, Omens of OnterionEons and Eons AwayHorrible Ball of FireRed’s Roid Rage

Guild Wars 2

White Charr – A Guild Wars 2 Blog,My Staff is Bigger than Yours, Malefic IncantationsMistress of IllusionsDivinity’s ReachTrippin TyriaMMOARprzThe Diverted MuseGiddeon’s Hammer, Wald’s Wanderings

Lord of the Rings Online

 The Adventures of Danania, Supergirl of Lorien!, Wynniekins’ Adventures,Vagabond goes for a Walk, Windy Acres Ranch, Glimpses from Middle-EarthNewbie HobbitLOTRO CinnaReal Adventures In Fake Worlds,  Elfkina vežička, Hipstalotro, Landroval Style, The Horn & Ivory Gates

Runes of Magic

Saali in Taborea

Starcraft II

Adamant Nomad

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Conveniently Placed Exhaust Port, SWTOR from scratch

Team Fortress II


World of Warcraft

Not Too Heavy,Unliving a Death KnightDeathstomp, The Ruminations of a Death Knight, That Was an Accident!, World’s End Tavern,AltaclysmicDreadbladePriest All The Things!,WoWMarketeerHealing MainsFlask Half-EmptyGoetia’s LettersBig Numbers!Image HeavyGaming BrewBattlemasteredthenotsonewnoobAuction House on Farm!Argus or BustA Warlock’s Motivational Webguide to Dominating the WorldWarcraft StreetUnwavering SentinelBad TaurenMusings of an AltoholicNeurotic GirlGeo’s Ironman Challenge,  Scattered Thoughts,, Renai Hunter


Bio BreakGames and GeekeryThe Wild Boar InnMMO FalloutTastes Like Battle ChickenGrimnir’s GrudgeRoll one hundredDragonchasersArdwulf’s LairInventory FullJaded AltArk’s ArkTreymane’s LawBlog de la BurroJust One MMOreDocHoliday’s MMO SaloonHigh Latency Life, World of MatticusMMOGamerChickSkycandyNomnom.infoHunter’s InsightLife is a Mind-Bending PuzzleBerath’s Brain BurpsEpic SlantBullet PointsProfessor BeejJourneys with JayeScreaming MonkeysWelcome to SpinksvilleVicarious ExistenceCasual Is As Casual DoesStarShadowI Have Touched the SkyThe Ancient Gaming NoobJust One More UnlockA Ding WorldYeebo Fernbottom’s MMO Love InStropp’s WorldKill Ten RatsThe Jedi Gambitbeauhindman.comBlue KaeGankalicious- Confessions of an Online AltoholicLive Like A NerdCasual Stroll to MordorTish Tosh TeshCasting a ShaddoeA Green MushroomALT: ernativeParallel ContextECTmmoAvatars of SteelTales of the AggronautWest KaranaContains Moderate PerilThe Stories Of OLevelcappedLoTRO FashionMister Meh’s SupplicationMalchome’s Mind on GamingNerdy BookahsT.R. Red SkiesWasdstompScary WorldsMMO CompendiumShards of ImaginationLotro Family of Flosiin NightsongArdent DefenderBlog of the VagabondCreeping…Gamer BCGamerladyPsychochild’s BlogTiger EarsMana ObscuraSheep The DiamondMiddleearthinitiativered cow riseAchievements AhoyToo Many AnnasI Rez, Therefore I Am Herding CatsDistilled WillpowerGWOnline.netA journey through the mindThe Daily Frostwolf – Druid Edition


21 thoughts on “Find a New Read Today! #MMONBI

  1. Oh that was great! Now I can go visit every newbie’s blog and give them some well deserved comments! Because everyone loves comments, right Windsoar? 🙂

  2. Thanks for the link:) Just wanted to let you know though that a few of the links(mine included) in the Multi MMO section are broken. They want to take me to pages in your website that don’t exist.

    • Thanks for the eye. I didn’t pay enough attention to those pesky HTTP protocols. Should all be updated now!

  3. Thanks for the links, I will be sure to check out some of the other amazing efforts of everyone and also thank you for the much coveted first spot in the new WoW blogs. Not Too Heavy has been so much fun to start and I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support at NBI.

  4. You’re telling me with all the new bloggers and stuff, we failed to inspire any TERA bloggers?

    Boo :(.

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  7. Thank you so much for the list! I was looking for something like this, now I can stop scanning sixteen pages of author intro’s to figure out who’s who!

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