[D3] Weekend Screenshots

I don’t have a single screenshot from my time in D2. The prevailing images that I carry around of my days in previous Diablo games is a shadowy darkness punctuated with moments of intense fiery red. However, I can’t seem to stop clicking the screenshot button in D3.

Although there is a nice smoky darkness that hovers around your almost cartoonishly bright abilities shooting off left and right

the background that hangs on the edge of your periphereal vision keeps grabbing my attention. There is so much detail and variation that you can’t help but stop and looking as you run along to your next mob to kill.

Each landscape has its own distinct flair, providing the backdrop that separates each Act from the next.

In particular, this scenery from the end of Act II helps fill out the story, to make it a real and pervasive threat, and not just a continuation of mob bashing that is so easy to fall into when playing Diablo.

Dungeons also fit into themes, having their own finishes and touches to pull you from story to story, which is a trademark of Diablo, but so wonderfully executed that I felt that it deserved a highlight.

So far I’ve only spent significant time on my Witch Doctor, who has the greatest range of creepy critters to take down their foe

And the whirling dervish of death, no it’s not just the Barbarian (as my husband pointed out WHIRLWIND!) but the Monk, a wonderfully sturdy tank.

And although I would’ve loved to highlight the beautiful videos, I would hate to ruin that experience for anyone!


3 thoughts on “[D3] Weekend Screenshots

  1. Great pics! I’ve enjoyed taking what various screenshots I have so far. It’s just so different to WoW. I always thought the Witch Doctor was a bit too creepy for me but I’m really enjoying my Wizard atm.

  2. Love the SS’s, I was actually surprised at the detail in Diablo 3. I know I’m enjoying playing the game and seeing the content, its a nice change of pace from WoW. I’ll be posting some of my own SS’s this weekend. Thanks for sharing yours!

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