Malware Reported

Once upon a time I was self-hosted with a buddy. There was a problem. Buddy had disappeared. I had no way to shut down my previous site or get my domain released back to me. Now self-hosted site is spewing out malware, and as much as I’d like to say I love reading my own melodious words, I don’t. Therefore, I never got around to pruning/updating all the links that included previous self-hosted site including about a year worth of posts (and even scarier) comments!

I imagine it’s going to take me a good week to get all that done. I won’t be making any posts this week so no one feels compelled to come read an archived post and click a bad link (yeah right).

So, if you have a link to my previous domain: jaded make sure that you remove or update said link. If you’d still like to link to me (or a past article) you can just add wordpress in there like so:

If got dropped on this site (and hopefully the front page) protect yourself and don’t click anything to an outside jadedalt domain. Everything you need should be here, run a search if you’re looking for something in the archives.

I’ll post an update when I can report an all-clear, until then <3.

6 thoughts on “Malware Reported

      • I also contacted the web hosting provider, and hope that they’ll take the website down. However, at this point, they’ve only “contacted” the owner so I’m not optimistic.

        (And I’m really really sorry :()

  1. Good to know! That’s why I don’t really want to host with a friend. LiquidWeb has good plans for $15 if you want to be solo. I do like the wordpress plans, too. Maybe you can get the domain freed up? Or maybe it will expire soon and you can pick it up through WP?

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