Joyous Tidings… But Not For My Games

Almost entirely a personal reflection post, and may cause you want to scream “QQ MOAR why don’t you?” by the time you finish. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The last few years have been rocky and fraught with peril, but somehow my husband and I have survived broken limbs, housing a mother (in-law), and squeaking out those last few pages of a master’s thesis. As graduation rolled around, I started applying for work, but not having much luck, until a former professor offered my a summer job to ease the summer by… which was about the rate of pay I was looking for AND within those professional skill sets that I had set aside a few years ago as I marched through the end of a bachelor’s and a master’s degree.

So while my personal life is no longer skating on thin ice, I noticed rather sadly that my blog has been rather quiet, battened down and sadly neglected. My raiding guild has quietly disbanded to hopefully be somewhat reassembled by the time the expansion comes out. While this has reduced my WoW time to zilch, I gleefully stepped into Diablo 3, decided to give AION the once over, and have been rediscovering the massive leap of graphical accomplishments in the last number of years as I rebooted the Quest for Glory series.

Over the last week, however, I’ve found myself dulled by a certain apathy towards gaming in general. Some of it is, I’m sure, starting a new job that requires a couple hours of commuting and an actual unbroken day as opposed to a student’s life of nothing much followed by manic days of writing. I find myself coming home, booting up the PC and looking at my lovely game icons only to check my feedreader, agonize over what game I want to play, followed by a brief stint with the mindless joy of Puzzle Quest or something similar.

There’s too many variables locked up for me with my usual haunts that make them seem unwelcoming at present. As much as I’m looking forward to the new expansion, I find myself looking at all the tasks that are currently available to me–level my new death knight, earn some achievements, collect some pets–and knowing that I’m going to be flying solo throughout, that WoW has lost it’s glittery charm.

Diablo 3 lost some of its allure as I’ve found that I absolutely suck at time management within the game. Some maps/checkpoints whiz by in quick succession, while others seem to be agonizingly separated. While I acknowledge that my own need to reveal the entire map EVERY TIME may have led to my own annoyance, after spending 2 entire days logging into the same darkly lit oasis time after time because I had to take a break for hubby/mom time, dinner activities, and bedtime have made me reluctant to plunge into the game unless I KNOW I have a block of time available to me.

AION, with it’s surprisingly quiet charm for the early leveler, has me at a bit of a loss currently as I have recently reach L10, and the wonders of crafting have so side-tracked me to the point that I am a little lost on the actual story arcs that led me to my ascension. Likewise, every time I go to start LoTRO I notice the little update tool pinging merrily away and end up playing something else.

The thing I find funny, that actually gives me hope that my blog won’t end up washed on the shores of the retired bloggers is that I am still enjoying my daily gaming reads. I’m still excited by the news of games on the move, expansions on the horizon, and releases yet to be made. But, in all honesty, I have to admit that I’m not someone who has the will to blog when I’m not actively gaming myself. I’m too much of a travel writer to find inspiration in my thoughts about gaming without the strong push from the actual an experience.

As that’s the case, I expect that my summer writing will be a rather drab and drivel affair. I find it ironic that after a month of encouraging new bloggers to write, I’m doing quite the opposite; however, that’s just how the wind blows from time to time. I have had an offer for a guest post sometime in the near future, and as always, I welcome other bloggers (or readers with an idea!) to share my space and take their thoughts public.

Until inspiration strikes again ❤


11 thoughts on “Joyous Tidings… But Not For My Games

  1. Windsoar,

    No worries. It’s summertime and there’s much to see and do, plus it’s between expansion lulls. I think everyone is feeling a slight winter in gaming atm but usually by September of each year people start to come back around. Sometimes it’s nice to step away from something and then come back to it. Often you will bring a new passion and appreciation for it. My best…

  2. I find it interesting that you have issues with time management in Diablo 3. I have a lot of issues with that game but I’ve found time management to be a problem at all. Quite the reverse. For me I’ve found it extremely easy to start/stop that game or pause it for hours while I do something else. It’s the handful of cashews kind of game to me. The video game equivalent of snack food. I do a quest then stop. Or join a public game for a boss then leave. Or do a farming run then log out.

    If you find it’s your compulsion to explore the entire map that is keeping you from playing then try purposefully setting it aside for a run and see if you like it. Go in one direction and one direction only even if there are little cubbyholes to explore. The procedurally generated maps tend to put the exit where it thinks you are headed. So if you head in one direction you’ll normally find what you are looking for quickly. Once found, it becomes a perfect time to log out.

    • I really do need to learn how to NOT explore the entire map. Oftentimes, I’ll find the “new” area and purposefully avoid it until I’ve explored the entire map–I swear that “next checkpoint” is my cookie. The first couple of days of playing (in my usual block of time) I thought the checkpoints were incessant and annoying, and I definitely need to readjust how I explore the game to find it rewarding.

  3. I can totally relate to contemplating an expansion alone. I *do* have a guild, but it’s not the guild I wish I was in. Due to various reasons, my little guild of friends died at the end of last year and the game just hasn’t been that fun since then. To add to that, my friend (and co-GM in aforementioned guild) had a baby and moved to another country, which made our schedules clash. Since she was the #1 reason I played… right now, I’m either playing D3 or watching Amazing Race. I’m not terribly excited about Pandaria, but we’ll see what happens!

    I think your RL achievements are much more exciting than a blog, so enjoy them and don’t worry about us 😀

    • I’m sorry to hear that you’re in a guildie slump at the moment, but I definitely appreciate the kind words! ❤

  4. If you want to duo something, let me know. Summer looks to be fairly flexible here. I’m not playing much of anything ATM.

    • We should definitely set up some time to do some duo love, and that actually sounds like a lot of fun. Guess I need to log in so we can schedule >.>

  5. Windsoar, sometimes blogging doesn’t take the forefront of your life, and there are other things to do. Besides, if you don’t have anything to write about in WoW, and still want to write something, you could always start another blog, right? Just no self hosting with strange people that set my Google chrome haywire!

    • The thought of another blog makes my head hurt 😛 I’m sure I’ll have some gaming passion coming back soon, I think I just hit a low spot!

  6. I have been right where you are, Windsoar. Take it easy, get used to your new stuff–you’ve got a lot of pretty cool things going on!

    We’ll be here. 😀

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