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Hello everyone, this is Joshua “Riknas” from Riknas Rants. I regret to inform you that Windsoar has been kidnapped by Illidan in…wait, no that’s not it… I mean Windsoar’s home is under siege by the Lich Ki– that doesn’t sound right either.

Okay, I’ve got it. By right of conquest, I have defeated Windsoar and taken the Jaded Alt blo- okay, this sucks. Forget it.

Windsoar said I could write a guest post on her blog and here I am. Go figure.

Today’s topic is about your internet browser, for instance, the one that you’re viewing this blog on. Be it Safari, Firefox (woo!), Chrome, or even Internet Explorer, all of these modern browsers are capable of tabbed browsing now. This turns out to be far more convenient than back when we wanted to see a new website without switching pages that we would have to boot up another instance of your chosen browser. Even now, I can already sense you thinking of clicking to your next tab to look at explicit material (that’s right, I can tell)… HOLD IT RIGHT THERE, WE’RE NOT DONE YET.

So, you can play MMOs, and can you can look at multiple tabs. Have you thought about actually playing an MMO while browsing the internet, without having to minimize the program? Well, get this. You can. Pretty cool, right?

Cooler than this at least.

That said, browser based games have been around for years. The original Runescape actually came out in 2001 roughly the same time as Anarchy Online. Now, that’s not to say that they were actually on par with the capabilities of games back then, because they definitely were not.

Behold my 2D-looking glory!

However, they have come a very long way since they first were developed, and while they will never be on par with that of games that you need to install, due to the nature of the technologies, they are not something that should be dismissed out of hand. Take a look at what we can get now.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place? Try lava and a dragon.

And of course, Runescape is definitely not the only browser MMO out there. Ogame is a fascinating strategy sci-fi game that focuses on number crunching and resource gathering while expertly disguising it with planet images, pictures of massive turrets, and most importantly, spaceships. It relies heavily on player dynamics with people colonizing planets in new systems, building defenses, exploring space, and forming grand fleets. You can also pick whichever aspect of gameplay you prefer and focus on that. You can elect to either become friendly with other empires, or declare war on the first poor sap you find. Actually,  there are a surprising number of sci-fi browser games, especially ones involving twitch-based space combat. Games like Battle Star Galactica Online and Dark Orbit immediately come to mind.

Along with that we have the infamous Evony, which generated a great deal of controversy with an advertising campaign that relied heavily on images of scantily clad women (No, I’m not linking those)…which had absolutely nothing to do with the game itself. Even so, no one can deny the game’s success, as it has since evolved into “Evony: Age II”. Despite that, their methods of self-promotion remain ridiculous, as they go on to say that, “It’s a free browser game and takes only 5 minutes to learn, and is extremely fun.” Whoa, this game is fun? Well hot damn, sign me up!


And with all that said, I suggest you click open a new tab, and check some of these games out.

Riknas, signing off!

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  1. RUNESCAPE. Ahhh, I haven’t played that in maybe six years. I was obsessed with it though, haha!

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