Cataclysm ended for me in April. It wasn’t a conscience decision, it just happened. The Glory of the Dragon Soul achievement for our raid members, a semi-traumatic guild meeting, and a rather abysmal drop in attendance and availability spelled the end of my raiding time, and consequently, my game-time as well.

I’ve been keeping up with my community reading, making a rather annoying (to my faithful WoW readers) LoTRO post, and popping into WoW to do a random transmute or help fill out the pesky Firelands raid for that wonderful, legendary stick.

I knew I wanted to play in the MoP expansion. I even spent a little bit of time in the beta, but I didn’t have a burning desire to follow the continuous ups and downs that come with testing a new class and new abilities. I also realized I was setting myself up for disappointment. I didn’t want to experience the new zones and dungeons now. I wanted to enjoy them later, finished, ready for my enjoyment and bumbling attempts at learning the ropes.

Now we have an expansion date. A check-in thread started on a forums a couple of weeks ago. A couple of members have confirmed their acceptance into other guilds. We’re missing responses from others. A few hangers-on, myself included, are waiting for the expansion to begin to decide what’s going to happen and where we’re going to go.

However, it makes it hard to be really excited about the upcoming expansion. As a solo player, I know I’ll be interested in leveling up a monk and checking out the changes to my existing characters. But without the carrot of a really great raiding experience, I am concerned about how long WoW will have the ability to hold any allure for me. While I’m happy to praise LFR for those who can’t raid regularly, I know I’d pop in, complete an instance and then never see the place again. Gearing just to gear doesn’t excite me.

To be really honest, part of the motivation, the excitement of a new expansion for me is making a plan and enjoying the anticipation of starting the project, being able to check all those milestones off my list. But with my current situation, there is no pressure, no goals that need to be met.

Does your guild/raiding situation affect how you feel about the expansion?


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  1. No, because I really just play the game for myself. WOW is entertainment, the same way I might pick up a good book and read a few chapters, or put on a record and listen for a few songs. It will never really go away for me, but I do spend less time on it now than I did in the past.

    • Thinking back, I would guess that playing for myself hasn’t been my motivation in WoW since… vanilla. I kept coming back because I knew people who were playing and had every intention to play with them.

  2. I think you’re in a wonderful position, Windsoar, to truly enjoy the game at your own pace. It’s easy to get caught up in the raiding world–where the focus is on timetables, progression, and continual gearing–and forget that there’s a larger world of enjoyment out there that doesn’t center around Tuesday resets. And the best part of it is, in the new continent, you can savor every single bit of it. Because between you and me, Mists is gorgeous and chock full of little things that the rush-rush-rush crowd won’t ever stop to notice. 🙂

    • Now that is something to consider. I’ve been having a lovely time wandering around in some other games since I’ve taken that *long* summer break. I think it might be that I don’t know what to do *now* that may really be the problem. I’ve always been pretty active up to and through the release, so it’s a new experience!

  3. A little. I have a lot more IRL stuff going on in September than usual and, while it’s not nearly as fun, moving out is more significant an endeavor. I’m still kind of sad though. I’ve only just joined a new group of raiders and gotten back to playing WoW socially so I haven’t had time to make any real plans for raiding hardcore in MoP.

    I’m very excited about the expansion despite everything that’s going on. New content, new friends, and (soon) a new life.

    • What an exciting change in your life! I wish you luck with your move!

      As this thread goes on, I’m thinking maybe I should look at the gameworld again, and stop checking my regular haunts on mechanics >.> Maybe that’d cheer me up for the expansion!

  4. My guild situation definitely affects how much I’m looking forward to the expansion. When my GM announced she would be stepping down, I had a bit (okay, maybe a lot) of anxiety over how things would go. But now, we’ve got a new officer team ready to step up in Mists, a solid roster, and have started recruiting specifically for the expansion. Now I’m quite excited for it to come out and am expecting that we’ll be even more esuccessful at conquering raid content than we were in Cata.

    • I’m really excited to follow your progress with the new expansion. Your guild has done so well this expansion, and I imagine it’ll just keep getting better! ^^

  5. I always thought that my enjoyment of an expansion was directly related to raiding. Thus if the raiding content was fun, I’d be set. Cataclysm turned that one upside down for me. I enjoyed raiding in Cataclysm for the most part, especially Tier 11, but the quests left much to be desired and I’ve felt disappointed this expansion a lot more than I wanted to.

    Looking ahead to Mists, I’m now finding myself looking more at the quests and the levelling experience rather than the raids. Even though I love to raid and have found a good raiding guild to head into Mists with, I guess I underestimated how much the little things matter. The stuff we do outside of raiding, the story and crafting professions. I was overwhelmed with the raid videos/beta boss strats that were coming out so I just avoided them and found that looking at professions and other aspects sparked my excitement about the expansion. 🙂

  6. In a way, yes. Raiding is one of my primary motivators. If I’m not raiding, the game only holds a certain amount of appeal for me. I mean, I like playing my alts and things, but I think if raiding were taken away, I think it would all lose its luster.

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