Why I Can’t Raid Casual

Every time I consider raiding with a casual group, all I can think of is George Carlin’s driving dialogue.

Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?

can be a patient person. Really. If you want to learn, I’ll be happy to spend a countless amount of time and energy into helping things click. I thought this made me a perfect fit for a casual guild. I mean, I love the choices that come with the casual life, and the often more free and chatty guild environment.

I was wrong.

I discovered as much as I loved the people and general chat environment, the raiding environments that I personally met were beyond frustrating. It’s not that players didn’t invest countless hours in their raid environment. It just seemed like there were always these people who never got it. That never figured out why 71 points in a talent tree was not a performance spec, forget ideal.

And while I thought: that’s ok, people can do whatever they want, in my heart of hearts, I just wanted to gank certain members of my raid time every single time I saw their pixels. I understand that people might not have time to do their own research or even want to, but I could not understand these same people not making any effort whatsoever to take the loving advice of their team-mates.

In my experience, these lovely, yet misguided individuals, refused to accept that what they were doing was not working. Deaths didn’t matter. Poor damage/healing output didn’t matter. The infrequent but helpless pleading of their officers to please for the love of Elune consider a different strategy didn’t matter either.

So while I support the “we raid to have fun, and we embrace special snowflakes” I just cannot make myself pursue that path. I recognize that I actually disrupt the goodwill and happiness that can permeate this type of guild. Nothing is worse than a rift caused by different visions and goals embraced by different segments of your guild.

I actually enjoy being the ‘idiot’ of a guild. That means I have places to go and challenges to meet. Making myself push forward, to meet new goals and improve my performance is part of the fun for raiding for me, so having a bunch of maniacs who are more awesome than I am makes me feel great.

As a personal update, I had the chance to speak with the other half of the challenge team I was hoping to start in MoP. I’m happy to report that we are still ALL on board for our team, and I’m thrilled. While I love raiding, I think the challenges will be able to fill the gap, to satisfy my need to push myself and work with a team, the main qualities that I enjoy from raiding. Do I still want to raid? You bet. Just as 25 man raiders are disappointed in a 10-man setting, the 5-man setting won’t be a raid. On the other hand, I think this will fill the gap between my wants as a solo player (alts anyone?) and my wants as a raider/group player. Now to just fill in that last little slot and get my tank leveled and ready to go!

4 thoughts on “Why I Can’t Raid Casual

  1. You aren’t alone. It might not be the popular path, but I feel the same way. I love to raid. I’m not the best raider in my guild, but I educate myself and I try very, very hard to compete with those who are the best raiders.

    I get very frustrated in groups where people don’t try. I don’t expect everyone to roll out and be the best ever immediately, but I do expect raiders to read about their class, to know boss mechanics, and to be open to being educated from people who know more about the game then they do.

    People are allowed to have different visions. My vision is a group where everyone tries relatively equally to be the best raider they can be. The guild I’m in and that vision line up pretty well most of the time. It’s not an environment for everyone, but neither is a super casual raiding environment right for me–or you, it would seem. 😀

  2. Unfortunately, I think you’ve pretty precisely nailed why I can’t raid any more, either. I can’t dedicate the time to be a “real” raider, and the people who aren’t “real” raiders make me absolutely insane. I’ve referenced before that two of the dps in my most recent raid team played without mice and REFUSED to understand how getting a mouse would improve their gameplay.

    And they were the top two dps.


  3. I want to be a casual hardcore raider. Once I see the fight once or twice after reading all the strats and watching the videos before raid night, I can stay out of the shit and watch all the things going on.

    I don’t want to raid every single night, and I don’t believe you need to if you can find a group of people that aren’t dumb enough to stand in the shit or need every little boss event called out.

    Honestly, nothing gets my gerhkin more than having to call out Hour of twilight – EVERY SINGLE TIME – because people can’t watch out it. IT IS THE ONLY THING HE DOES!!!!!!! I am not going to put up with that kind of stuff this xpac…thankfully neither is the GM (YAY)!

  4. I completely understand. There are a lot of people that have played this game for a long time that were good raiders, but just can’t put in the time anymore to be in a good raiding guild. My advice is try the openraids and realid raiding. Or if you know anyone else in a good raiding guild ask to join as a friend. You’ll end up around a lot of good raiders that often times will want to run an alt raid, older content, or something that you can join in on.

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