How Mods Have Made WoW a Friendlier Place

Ever wanted to check and see if you had a recipe? What’d you do? Why, you opened up your professions panel and started a search, that’s what! However, that’s not always been the case. My first ever professions mod was the lovely Skillet. While it’s still up and running, providing an excellent way to provide a shopping list for the industrious crafter, many of the features which I loved the most–being able to craft in batches and searching my recipe list–are now a common part of the standard WoW interface.

Mod developers provide a valuable service, even to those of you who choose to turn up your nose at the “cheatery” that is the addon community. Mod developers provide innovative solutions to often nagging, persistent problems within the game. I seriously doubt we’ll see someone’s custom art show up in the latest expansion of WoW, but we have been showered with more responsive nameplates, improved raid frames, customizable combat text, an in-game dungeon journal, nifty map notes… the list goes on and on.

Mod developers pioneered many of these solutions fighting code and whiny players who think people who give up their private time to find a solution have nothing better to do than listen to people complain about their free product. Although my mod list has gone up and down as I’ve found some needs met and other needs to take precedent (the pretties folks!) I appreciate the time of anyone who takes a stab at finding a solution to something that they think could be done better. 

So even if you’re a mod minimalist, even if you don’t even use a mod, but especially if you help the mod development process by being a user and supporting your favorite addon developer, say thank you to a mod developer. They make our gameworld a better place–even if you don’t see it until WoW implements it in-game.


Not to mention providing me an excuse to go wandering down UI memory lane.


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