[Minipost] Looting Addons

In my UI overhaul I discovered a couple of nifty addons to add to my roster that make the life of a looter cleaner and easier.


Reduces looting chat spam with nifty icons. Especially nice when AoE farming.


Get it at WoWInterface or Curse


I know, you’ve probably already got an addon that sells those pesky grey items. But do you have an addon that lets you mark up items you want to sell so that all your crap ends up being a one-click at the vendor?


Like other grey sellers, greys are automatically marked for auto-sell, but you can also right-click items in your inventory to set them as ready to sell. I love being able to auto-run and clean up my inventory at the same time.

Get it at WoWInterface or Curse


4 thoughts on “[Minipost] Looting Addons

  1. “I know, you’ve probably already got an addon that”…

    With the most recent AddOn reset, I hesitated on a few and am glad I did. Sometimes we just need to try out some different stuff. Sometimes there’s little difference and we’ll roll back to an old comforting AddOn and sometimes we discover an improvement.

    Thanks for your suggestions!

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