The Story Thus Far: Storytelling in MoP

When Blizzard announced they were going old school and bringing back the Alliance v. Horde rivalry that initially fueled the game, I was a little worried. One of the nice things that we’ve seen over the years is a real improvement in how WoW chooses to move our personal storylines, and those of the main characters, forward. The Battle of Angrathar the Wrathgate was an absolutely awesome moment in the time I’ve played the game, and how do you do that if there’s not an end-game in sight?

Now that I’ve wrapped up Jade Forest, I wonder how I could have been worried. Just because there isn’t a label on the back of the box saying “EVIL BOSS #2438 SHALL DESTROY THE WORLD UNLESS YOU BECOME AN EPIC HERO AND SAVE US ALL” doesn’t mean that Blizzard doesn’t have the end-game in mind.

And I’ve decided, I’m glad they didn’t. I like the mystery and the sense of discovery as I run around Pandaria. As much as I loved Wrathgate, I do distinctly remember how much I hated Arthas showing up all the time and while I stood there with spittle running down my chin as my fight or flight response went into overdrive and decided NOT DOING ANYTHING was a great idea.

I don’t even mind doing chores for monks and killing monkeys. I mean, I’m a hero right? But like one character so sweetly pointed out:

Hey, hero person. How about you help me with this non-hero stuff so I can decide whether I trust you with the really important jobs.

I like that I’m figuring out what the problems facing the realm are along with my newfound (and desperately trying to get you to like me here!) allies. I like that I don’t know what to screenshot, because I don’t know if that figure I just met is REALLY important.

Even better is when you’re wandering around the world and find out something you already thought was cool, is like *really, really* cool once you get far enough along in the story.

So I’m still not sure what ALL THE EVIL is going to be, and I’m ok with that. Judging by the story thus far, it’s going to be awesome.