Spell Cast: Muse

For my six month anniversary I offered all my blogging readers the opportunity to have me act as their personal muse.  This way I get lots of wonderful presents, and perhaps. they get a chance to use their writing skills for an unusual area for them.  I will freely admit that I stole my great idea from Tamarind at Righteous Orbs who gave everyone a nice holiday gift, and which Sideshow and Syrana carried on.  I have to say the awesome was awesome and a bit overwhelming ::tear::   

So, what’d I get?   

::rips off the paper::

During my Trashy Love Story I discovered that Jaedia of the Lazy Sniper had her own torrid on-line affair with the infamous Dan.  He even wrote her Whine Day post!  I asked her to share her own story and/or tell us how she and Dan spent their time together.   

I can remember joining at level 67 and questing in Blade’s Edge Mountains and at one point wanting to get the COT: Durnholde Keep quest done. I must have asked in guild, because I know Dan came and tanked it for me and this was the first time I got to play with him (ingame you dirty sods).

For Tarinae, you know lovely lady from A Healadin’s Tear, I asked: Why no protection paladin? I mean, I love my tankadin, and have a total LOVE you don’t want to BE you attitude towards the Holy tree.   

She looked ALL wrong! She looked scary. But I went through with it and I tanked the boss a few times that week. I kept asking everyone if it was disastrous; I lost aggro a few times and only one person died once. Overall, I think I did okay. Great given the random-on-the-drop-of-a-dime-first-time tanking job! All the same… I hated every minute of it. I was frantic 100% of the time.

Once upon a time, I made screenshots a part of my regular blogging schedule.  Lately I’ve gotten out of the habit, as I’ve raiding more than I’ve been traveling, but I noticed Angelya of Revive and Rejuvenate was a traveler too!  She’s even made some beautiful desktop backgrounds, so I thought I’d ask what her favorite zones were to visit.   

Dragonblight: My favourite wallpaper – I even had it on my work computer for a while until people kept come up and asking me “Where’s that? It’s beautiful!” and I had to exaplain that it was from a game.

Dristanel of The Physician’s Log got a question about her artwork.  Go look at it.  Not in a feedreader!  There, see it… isn’t is awesome!!!  So, I asked to know more about the artist: how did she get started, is it a passion, a hobby, something she learned to make her blog look awesome beyond words?   

I’ve tried a lot of different styles and it’s difficult for me to say which I like best. They’ve all ended in some interesting pictures. Cel-shading is fairly easy – I could knock out a portrait for a tabletop game in 3 hours start-to-finish – but I also like the quick, loose lines of speed-painting. And there’s a nice sense of completion in a full-on painting that you’ve spent over 20 hours working on.   

Now Gazimoff of The Mana Obscura is a bit new to the blogging scene just starting this month.  However, when I read his articles and peruse his site, I feel like he’s been here much, much longer.  Unusually for a new site, he didn’t include a welcome post, ya know, the standard “I’m here, and I’m going to rock your world baby!” so I asked for my very own.   

Looking back on it now, it feels almost inevitable. I had a desire to write about videogames (particularly World of Warcraft, but some other stuff from time to time), but I also wanted to have fun writing it. I wanted to feel like I was having conversations with people instead of presenting a formal argument or specification. I was also thinking that I got a lot of fun out of playing games, and that writing about that fun would give me a chance to relive it.   

And just in case you’re wondering, trees and I, we have this thing.  Jasyla from Cannot Be Tamed is a bit different running both a tree and a hunter… simultaneously… in raiding guilds.  That’s right, she raids regularly with two different guilds every week while running a blog and managing her real-life commitments.  What I’d like to know is, how does she do it?  Oh, and tell us about your favorite raid bosses too!  

It’s really not too bad having two raid-ready characters on different servers. Because of the guild bank repairs, a lot of the time a night of raiding makes me more gold than I have to spend.   

Illidari Council – Black Temple: Enjoy your final moments. Illidari Council separated the men from the boys as far as ability to not stand in bad stuff went.  Don’t stand near the mage, don’t stand in the Blizzard, run out of Consecrate and gtfo of the Flamestrike. This fight was a blast as a druid, I got to run around the room throwing HoTs on everyone, all the while avoiding all the aforementioned bad stuff. One of the shaman in my alliance guild was particularly bad at this fight. We used to make a game out of how many times he could die. We’d soulstone him, use all our battle rezzes and make him ankh. I think the record was 6 deaths in one fight.   

Poor Kimberly has been in a bit of an end-game slump lately.  She blogs about her World of Warcraft Wanderings, but lately, she’s been struggling with her guild–not enough people on-line and ready to down content.  When you’re not raiding, those frosty badges lose a bit of allure.  Why get T10 when you’re doing randoms?  We all know the dangers of the scary PuG experience, so I asked her if an ideal group setup would make those 5-mans worth doing again!   

You’ll notice my healy pally’s not part of that group. That’s because I’m not IN the group, I’m on the beach. Well, she asked for IDEAL…   

So let’s assume I’m in that perfect group (either as the mage or taking the healy shaman’s spot) and have a few cupcakes in real life so that I’m in good humor. Would that be enough incentive to bother doing an overgeared heroic? Well, sure.   

Poneria is this awesome warlock who blogs at Fel Concentration.  The first time I visited her blog, and many times since, I’ve been amazed at the number of colors she uses to break up her text and create easy to read snippets of information.   

Colors, formatting, sizing, what order you put the words in, whether you use correct grammar or not, to me these are just other parts of what the words are trying to say.   

And speaking of Warlocks, Deyndor of Swift Retribution also stopped by.  When he’s not stealing people’s souls, he’s saving them with his awesome ret pally, so I asked him to give us a conversation between his ‘lock and paladin if they met in a bar.   

If Deyndor and Ollyn met in a bar?  I have a feeling that the bar would be in dire need of repair by the time they were finished.  I don’t RP, but like many WoW players my toons take on their own personalities the more I play them.   

Elsen, the gentlest druid I’ve ever met, has been counting down the days to Cataclysm by journaling the world of Azeroth.  You can find just about every zone and area at The View Through the Branches, and I wanted to know what zone she thought needed the most work!   

I think, as I’ve said before, I’m not a fan of lava. I don’t like lava. I don’t like mountains. I don’t like falling into lava, off mountains which I then can’t get back up. I’m looking at you, mountain in the middle of Un’Goro.   

I’m looking at you, impassable sides of rock faces in Desolace.   

And oh my GOD I’m looking at you AZSHARA! The other week, I got right to the end of my Scepter of the Shifting Sands questline. I flew to…that ridiculous flight point in Azshara, and then   

I walked off the edge.   

Into the water.   

Sometimes I’m amazed at the wonderful efficiency of people who play the game.  While I might lovingly level a character, I rarely have the patience to do PvP, PvE, dailies, professions, and all that fun stuff at the end.  I do one thing, and I try to like it.   However, Pieces of Blasting Away can regularly be found in a raid dungeon, geared up and raring to go for PvP, or any number of other activities.  I asked her how she has time for it all!  And with RL commitments too!   

And I think that the last sentence there is the biggest reason I’m able to combine WoW with my IRL. My boyfriend plays it. If I need to talk to him, WoW is where I can find him.   

Although Anea sometimes directs you to Holy Discipline for old times sake, she’s completely revamped herself as an alt of all trades.  I wanted to know what she thought the best playable race would be–currently available or one that could be in the future!   

If Tuskarr were made a playable race, I would immediately reroll or race change.  How awesome would it be to play one of these guys?  They’re so cute and fat and have such warm sincere emotes.   

Razorstorm is a new read of mine, and it’s an interesting point of view–he doesn’t have a single fully leveled character!  I wanted to know how he avoided the allure of fast leveling, keeping all his toons in the same level range, who, if anyone, he duo’d with the missus.   

I understand the phenomenon of bailing on toons in the teens.  It makes sense.  You decide to roll a new race/class combo just to see how you like it, and then you go back to your main.  But why do I consistently get stuck around the 40’s?  There are a couple of reasons for this, I think.   

I almost let my Muse wand expire rather than give Tamarind a post.  Not because I don’t love him, but what do you give to the guy you muses about everything on his own?  Finally I pulled a speculative post out of the ether, and asked him to tell us if he can see himself as a goblin or worgen, and the impact on their respective factions.   

As for Worgen … I suspect the casting animation is going to look silly (seriously, can you imagine a worgen using their hearthstone … go on … imagine it … lolworthy isn’t it?) but part of me thinks female worgen are hawt so…   

As you may or may not know, there is a Dog & Cat fight between the mages and warlocks across the blog-o-sphere.  As the newest (that I’m aware of) mage around the block, I asked Gypsy of Mischief, Magic & Rocket Science, to defend mage-kind!   

9.  Ease of Transportation – Let’s face it.  Portals are cool, especially if you’re lazy like me.  Having the option of teleporting everywhere leaves you the option of throwing your hearth in another spot you use frequently too.  I have mine set at the Argent Tournament, which was useful for TOC and if I was still bothering to do the Tournament dailies, which I am incredibly tired of (Damn you, elusive gruntling pony!)  Even if people take advantage of your portals at the end of a raid or instance, I know they actually appreciate it, despite not saying so like the jerks that they are.   

What do you ask a quintessential rogue like Samuel Tempus of Slice and Dice?  Their favorite weapons and spec of course!   

I’m a fan of daggers to the point of saving every epic dagger that I’ve looted in Wrath in my bank.  When I get back to my WoW computer at home, I’ll probably start work on a new post about that.  I’d include it here, but trust me, the collection is getting quite large and it could use a post of its own.  Besides, I might want to do screenshots of each one, and that will take a while.   

Archaius, author of Pew Pewed, is another new mage on the block.  I asked him why I should trust those ethereal portals and summoned food stuffs.  A girl should know what she’s getting into!

Rhonin went by…one by one he took a bite out of each Mage’s Strudel making grimaces that i couldn’t discern. Nice, bad, hideous? I could not tell.   

It was my Turn *Gulp*   

Rhonin Picked up a slice and placed it in his mouth after looking at it with……desire?   

His eyes brightened as if he ate the foods of the gods, but it wasnt an expression of bliss…..He was choking!!   

Gotta say, I love the bear butt, and I’m trying to be one (albeit slowly at the moment!)  When Saniel at Primal Precision asked to join the party, I asked for the top 10 reasons fuzzy tanks rock our world.   

I’m not some namby-pamby shield-wielding tank. I don’t have a big shiny sword (or two) that I can use to deflect the boss’ blows. I take those boss hits full-on in the face. And it fuels my rage. Do you understand that? I am fully 1/10 the size of most of the bosses I stand up to. I don’t care if I were some big-shot “Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion”. If I hit something that only comes up to my shin in the face and accomplish nothing except pissing it off, I’m going to soil myself.   

Adam at the Noisy Rogue was rather unimpressed with my musings, having covered something similar recently, so I’ll just hit you straight through to the 10 tips for not sucking as a rogue.   

You ask my mage for water, (I mean really, what the fuck?)   

Although she has recently changed her purview to cover a multitude of ranged classes, Kai at Ranged Rantings is a hunter at heart.  Because all of us hunters have a thing for pets, I asked for both her favorite mini and tamed pet so far.   

Not because he is an adorable little lich who randomly takes his head off and tosses it around like a ball. Not because he freezes critters in a block of ice with a maniacal laugh. Not because he is too lichy to receive a pet treat or bath. KT is my favorite because he was a gift from my boyfriend.   

For random conversations on World of Warcraft, I love to stop by the Barrens Chat and check out what’s on the board for the day.  However, it poses a musing problem, so I tried to make a twister for Ercles, and asked him to tell me, if he had to start from scratch and stick to a single character: what would he choose, and would he be a leveling machine, or a lackadaisical pursuit of exploration?   

It’s tempting to just say shaman, but there’s one more class I would consider. A Death Ta-, err, Knight! Tanking and melee DPS are the roles I still feel like I haven’t given a proper go at end game yet and the DK is the only class I’ve really not put any effort into apart from levelling one to 66, which really is no effort at all. I’m rather clueless about their talents trees, rotations, stats, pretty much everything apart from the basic rotation of an Unholy DK. I’ve said before that the reason I enjoy alting so much is the process of figuring out and learning how to play a class on my own without any help from guides or such until I’ve perfected my own play style as best I can, not until then I compare what I got to various guides.   

I have shaman envy: Anslym with Totem Tossing is playing elemental, and I am totally jealous.  Yet, as a hybrid, we are not without problems, so I asked for some ideas on solutions to make elemental more competitive and greater than the bloodlust alone.   

One of my irks is that we have no defensive cooldowns.  I happened to mention during a raid one night how a totem that could shift some damage to an earth totem would be pretty cool.  I was reminded that, that would be over powered and shamans would be a must have in arena’s.  Note this ability would only be available to the shaman casting it.  Now as over powered as this sounds it would have its draw-backs.  I was thinking that the shaman who casts this totem would receive  an exhaustion debuff lasting 3 minutes.    

What do you ask a dungeon master who plays WoW?  How he’d run his campaign in WoW of course!  Sollan at the Mage’s Den didn’t pitchfork me for mixing and matching his two games, and gave a great response as well ^^   

Azeroth is a world of conflict, and that conflict affects the lives of almost all of its citizens.  We know the stories of the armies, of the leaders of its nations, but what we don’t see much of are the smaller events.  For every D-day, there’s a Dukla Pass, for every Bunker Hill, there’s a Gloucester City.  These smaller events are where true heroes are often born, and can often be more important to the larger picture than the more famous areas of conflict.  Just think how many different plots we uncover from levels 1-60.  How many towns we, for all intents and purposes, save.  Our characters are unknowns in the plot during this time.  We’re insignificant.  If you want proof of that look at the changes in canon lore regarding the revelation of Onyxia.  We are, however, not as insignificant as the world would think.  We strike a heavy blow to the Scarlet Crusade (and uncover their sinister leadership), save Stormwind from destruction at the hands of the Defias, and we return one of the Light’s greatest champion’s to the forefront of the war as we aid Tirion Fordring on his path of redemption.   

Ok, it’s not a revelation, but I surely am not the best PvP player in all of creation.  The last time I seriously PvP’ed was in vanilla WoW in the great AV battles of the day, kiting my fellow hunters around and hoping my pet was killing the mage while I was busy.  So, what to ask a PvP’er like Vikt  from …of the Horde?  His favorite moment of course!   

With most encounters and battlegrounds standing void of intense emotion, there is one particular instance in where something I did in this game that provided an unparalleled sense of satisfaction. This feat involved a non-tangible item representing the stakes that I consider necessary to exact raw emotion, and this item is pride. To be more specific, my original guild ‘The Twelve Prophets’ managed to the attack the very pride of the entire Alliance. This was not just on Mannoroth either, it involved the forums for the U.S. and Euro-servers alike, all frothing at the mouth at the aspect of King Magni Bronzebeard dying for the first time…   

The Dwarven Pinball spends his life charging from mob to mob attempting to bring order to the chaos that is tanking.  I always imagine dwarves following a fight heading to the pub, grabbing a pint, and regaling their willing (or unwilling) listeners with their battle prowess.    

Ah, now this is a perfectly good place and time for a story from the front lines. Hey! Hey! Where the hell do you think you’re going?! Siddown!   

*Heroic Throw! Dull thud.*   

Prop him up on that chair. Yeah, like that. Now put that mug in front of him and fill it up, he’s gonna need it when he wakes up. Yeah, good. Now, if you’re all comfortable, let me begin.   

Ironically, one of my best tales does not come from getting repeatedly hit in the head by some oversized creature whose mother I kept insulting while my friends hurried to kill it before it turned me into dwarven pâté…   

Kattastrophe’s Happen, but fortunately, shamans are always ready with a handy totem!  Kattastrophe tells us why she chose to play a shaman.   

I’ll admit it I wanted to be a Shaman so I could turn into a wolf…yep it’s true and for no other reason. I kept seeing these guys running around in Ghost Wolf form and dancing and my nOOb self was in love. I had no idea what a Shaman was or what they did nada but that didn’t matter I wanted to be a doggie. A year latter and much much wiser I’m a level 80 lightening wielding, Chain healing doggie ;).   

How can you ask someone with a blog named Kiss My Alas for something that ISN’T a rant!?  I asked for the top annoyances when forming up a raid to start the night, and the delivery was great ^^   

I hate it when someone doesn’t show up. Or they show up late and you had seriously just replaced them and there’s a flurry of conversations in tells and in officer chat and in the raid with the one person who just got in offering to step out for the person who was late and the late person apologizing or giving excuses and everyone looking to me for a decision. I hate that more than anything.  I hate being the cold-eyed bitch who has to enforce the rules with my, “Well, sorry man, but you were late.” (I’m as forceful as a drifting snowflake) And then to go into the loot lists and suicide the person who didn’t show up.   

I gotta say, I love screenshots.  Azeroth is such a vibrant world, and sites like Sprink’s Notes showcase the world every week!  How does she do it?   

A lot of the screenshots came from me attempting to hit the num lock to autorun, and either accidentally hitting the print screen or having my nail (I am a girl, after all, and prone to girly things on occasion… like long nails) hit the print screen at the same time as the num lock. I also have my lock toolbars toggle set to F12, which is also very close to the num lock key. So, between all those things, some interesting screenshots can occur.   

Thank you everyone!


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