Diablo 3 Auction Houses

Diablo 3 AH is a game changer in every sense. However I’ve not seen a lot of analysis and if possible, even less since the rates have been announced. Sure people have been gasping and saying “Two AHs?  What does it mean!?” for months now but that doesn’t really count.  So here’s a bit of analysis:

The Diablo 3 AH will be very different from current expectations now that the rate structure is out. It’s a fair bit more expensive than expected.
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Elitism: You’ve put in the hours… Expectations and You.

Raiding is all about imperfect execution and doing it again and again until you get it right. However there’s a big difference between someone who can’t deliver proper execution and someone who is a faillock noob that’s standing in fire all time. I’m very forgiving of one, but not so much of the other.

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Guest Post: Reforging: In Depth (Part 1)

Please welcome our guest Brunpal who slays internet dragons with me every week with the ProCo team!

Ever say this?
“I can’t use that item because it has too much Hit on it and I’m already at the cap.”

I know I’ve said that myself before 4.01, but now it always makes me cringe. It’s not true anymore and it will never be true again as long as reforging exists. If it’s higher ilvl and has stats you use then it’s an upgrade and you can use it right now in your current gear. Just reforge other gear to make room.

Most players know about reforging by now so I’m not going to cover the basics. I’m constantly surprised how underutilized reforging generally is by players. Basically everyone should be reforging almost all of their gear all of the time.
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