I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

– Fannie Lou Hamer

To borrow from Beruthiel, I’m having a brain dump. Despite the little permutations and ripples in our roster, the guild is moving along at a wonderful clip. Even on a night when we didn’t have a full raid group for progression, we were able to finally say thank you to one of our wonderful guildies who no longer raids, but sat in for more raids than I’m sure he had time for last Spring. While it can’t repay his time, and really how much those fill-ins meant to our team moving forward, hopefully a Pureblood Firehawk gets the sentiment across. And I can’t even begin to tell you how much awe I had for a guy who never saw regular Ragnoros and on his third attempt was alive and kicking as we took Ragnaros down. Continue reading


DPS Farming

It was the end of a weekly LFR run, and the group was huddled beside Deathwing’s cache waiting for dice to finish rolling. Out of the blue, one of the feral druids starts having a hissy cow about how the rogue (my friend incidentally) was a disgrace and should never ever come back to a LFR. Because it was my friend’s name that scrolled across the screen, I started reading:

– You are nothing but a DPS farmer.

– What’s a DPS farmer?

– If you don’t know, you’re just showing that you are one.

Well damn, thought I, maybe I’m a dps farmer too!

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Double Gearing

Lissanna wrote a really great article last week about gearing your Restokin. Although gear sets are much closer, and many pieces can be shared between restoration and balance nowadays, there’s always a tension that arises when you’re trying to keep two sets in the best shape possible. While I didn’t want to repeat information that has already been covered with finesse, I did want to take a moment to talk about my own experiences with covering a dual role, and how it impacts gear decisions.

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Fall of the Firelord

4.3 has come. Deathwing has fallen. Yet it wasn’t until our last pull of our 3-hour raid last night that Heroic Ragnaros fell. I’m glad that we kept at it, that we refused to give up, and that molten pain in the arse finally met his end. I’ve never been a member of a raid team that finished a raid from start to finish, normal and heroic. It’s an odd feeling being at the end of that ride, but I know that I’ve found the right spot. While I might have been frustrated at individual attempts and my own failures, I didn’t find myself frustrated at the work that went into making that kill.

I Like Being a Lazor Chicken, Honest!

Is everyone tired of bloggers whining about Heroic Ragnaros yet? Probably. However, I’ve got my own little tale of woe that I’d feel better talking about here than continually whining to my raid leader about, so you get to suffer with me. Aren’t I nice?

Here’s the thing. We’re not really that far into Rag if you consider other teams kill records. 101 attempts (by my count) isn’t that bad. The team has glimpsed at Phase 4, even if we didn’t actually do much while we were there. The point is, the progress is just fine. Continue reading

Staghelm vs. Lazor Chicken

Some fights feel more personal than others, and heroic Staghelm is one of them for me. We began our attempts with a 3-healing scorpion strategy. It was actually a lot of fun once we figured out exactly when to place those big ol’ cooldowns to watch the stacks go higher and higher and just know that you were going to save your team from certain death.

However, we hit the enrage. We didn’t even know the guy had an enrage and here we are fighting a plate-rending version of the big red kitty. It hurt. Enrage timers are something we rarely take into consideration when devising our team’s strategy for a raid encounter, so we were a bit stymied. We knew 2-heals would not, no way no how cut it on our current scorpion doom strategy, so we switched to the heavier leaning kitty strat and I gave up my HoTs for DoTs.

Talk about an eye-opener.

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It Never Goes According to Plan

I’ve found myself caught unawares, christened into the murky world of proc abilities and face-rolling madness: I have a raiding ret-noob. The project started when the raid leader announced that he was interested in starting an alt run. Anyone in the guild could join provided their gear was up to snuff. The thread rapidly joined the two-page mark as players chimed in with their interested character, and a tentative date was set. Continue reading