Minipost: Taking Advantage of Your Roster

We’re still working on Heroic Rag, don’t worry! Although we’ve been hitting Phase 4 with some regularity, our time their has been so minimal that great changes are not in the works yet. However, we’ve been doing our best to make the other phases as clean as possible. One of our biggest “concerns” was reducing our meteor down to one: who wants more things to run with than you have to, right? Many times it’s been close, but there’s still that oomph missing.

So last night, we let the tree push the transition. The last 3-4 attempts we’ve been down to 2 of our 3 person healing roster, so I’ve been dropping the feathers and back in full HoT season. Although I’ve been speeding up my companions on 1/2 of the seeds drops since the beginning, the rest has been fairly routine healing type things. Last night, we tried an experiment: how much damage can Terrielle pump out in Tree form? I usually pop tree form immediately prior to the first trap pop, and in the 2nd seed drop of phase 2. Last night, I popped tree immediately on entry and at the start of phase 3.

According to my sources, I was doing around 16k in damage during those times. Not too shabby. And we did push into phase 4 with just one meteor. I won’t be doing the phase 1 tree dps, but will continue to do the big push in phase 3. While I need to do some reforging since spamming wrath takes up a bit more mana than I’m used to (omg, spirit plx) I think we’ve found a successful way to short circuit a dps check!


10-Man Healing Team | Beth’tilac

This is not intended as a comprehensive example of all viable healing solutions for this encounter. These strategies were utilized by the Production Company healing team, and hopefully, will provide a starting point for your team’s healing model discussion  for the encounter!

This fight isn’t all that healer-centric, but it does require your healing team to be really good at healing all the thingz…. uhhh… raidmates. The fight is split into two phases, with the first phase being the lighter of the two in terms of healing output. Do your best to conserve mana during this phase so that Phase 2 will be a breeze.

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I Like Being a Lazor Chicken, Honest!

Is everyone tired of bloggers whining about Heroic Ragnaros yet? Probably. However, I’ve got my own little tale of woe that I’d feel better talking about here than continually whining to my raid leader about, so you get to suffer with me. Aren’t I nice?

Here’s the thing. We’re not really that far into Rag if you consider other teams kill records. 101 attempts (by my count) isn’t that bad. The team has glimpsed at Phase 4, even if we didn’t actually do much while we were there. The point is, the progress is just fine. Continue reading

10-Man Healing Team | Baleroc

This is not intended as a comprehensive example of all viable healing solutions for this encounter. These strategies were utilized by the Production Company healing team, and hopefully, will provide a starting point for starting a discussion about your healing model for the encounter!

The biggest issue with Baleroc is getting enough healers with a high enough stack of vital spark to keep your tank(s) alive. In this fight, it’s important to stay on assignment, and to keep the rest of the healing team informed of any issues or changes. In early attempts, we utilized two tanks, and many teams report this was easier for them. However, in preparation for heroic, we did switch to a one-tank model, and that is the set-up I will be using in this discussion.

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Around the Campfire: Spirit

I’ve been seeing a lot of variation around the block when it comes to spirit. As I commented last week at Beru’s blog, I felt that I was in a mite nifty place, not running out of mana too early, but having a nice little cushion when a fight demanded it. However, this week, not only did I get my tier chest, I picked up the heroic leg and chest token as well as the random stat shoulders with a bit of intellect, stamina, haste and mastery.

Since I suddenly found myself in such an awesome sea of stat upgrades, I decided to play a bit with my gear-set and talents. So if you like anecdotal tales come sit around the campfire and review a night of changes with me!

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Ragnaros: Healing for Two

There’s some people who can look at a log and recreate a team’s raiding strategy from the ground up. Let’s just say I’m not one of those people. Strategies, for me, are malleable creations that must be forged in the fires of death. However, I’m darned lucky to be raiding with people who love examining parses from other guilds. To compare their logs and our logs, and to see if their strategies will work for our raid team. Not every team releases raid videos, and even those that do can’t really tell you whether that team had X DPS or Y healing output.

So on Monday as we’re standing in front of Ragnaros with 9 players and one of our core healers out, we get the nudge to two-heal.

No, I’m not desperate. I’m saying this is how the fight is meant to be healed.

Since our lovely shaman and I are always up for any suicidal mission, we readily agreed to give it a try. And I’d like to report, that it was awesome. If Ragnaros isn’t a 2-healing fight absolutely perfect for Cataclysm, I haven’t seen one yet.* Continue reading

Circle of Healing, Rebooted

Meep! I’ve been tagged by the lovely Jaysla of Cannot Be Tamed to complete Miss Medicina’s Circle of Healers questionnaire. Although I was healing at the time (chain-heal for the win!) I still considered myself a tank primarily, and so passed up the chance to do the questionairre the first time around. However, Saunder at Non-Squishy Heals decided to ressurect the project, so I have a chance to become involved, this time as a druid! Continue reading