[GW2] Lost and Found

I didn’t have a lot of expectations heading into Guild Wars 2. I’d seen it popping up in my feedreader fairly regularly, and it had been recommended to me a couple times during the beta testing stage as something that might interest me, but I haven’t actively been seeking a new game per se. However, late last week I made one of my infamous impulse buys and plunked down some cash. No monthly fee, just buy the box? Sold.

Although there will be quite a few screenshots tucked around in this post, you won’t see one of my first character. I was going to break the mold, I was going to be a rebel, I was not going to roll a healing plate wearer or a ranger. No way, no how. I went for a Sylvari Mesmer, a class that promised spellcasting and sneakery.

What was I thinking?

By the time I had reached level 5, I had discovered that I didn’t need to spam my auto-attack to get the 3 hits… it handled itself quite nicely being an auto attack. But the clone system (see soul shards) that I could never manage to get past 2 were doing horrible things for my blood pressure, and I threw up my hands, called it a day, and completely went with my personal trend: plate-wearing healer incoming.

For the rest of the weekend I went gallivanting around the countryside as a Charr Guardian. Now, I thought they were a cat-like people until my husband felt the need to exclaim “rabbits!” over my shoulder, and now I can’t get back to my initial catty reaction. They do have this funny little nose twitch that just screams “looking for carrots.”


I discovered that each weapon came with it’s own baked in skills, and that additional skills were limited by a combination of skills tests and leveling. I discovered that the crafting system, while easy to get started with is going to be difficult to master. I loved that anything that I could mine, pluck, or chop I could harvest without restriction. And I discovered my passion and I daresay my addiction: exploration.

Exploration points aren’t all just run to the right part of the map and done (although those are there too). To completely discover an area, you meet skill checks, help out residents, and find your way into various nooks and crannies.

Platform experience of some kind definitely comes in handy as you attempt to reach these delicious mini-maps which play a nice cinematic of your local area.

The questing experience, frankly, didn’t feel like questing for much of my time spent over the weekend. Sure, you do tasks, sometimes very silly or fun tasks that don’t really have anything to do with world domination or staving off the same.


But there’s no “run to quest-giver, do task, run back to quest-giver, get another task” repetition involved. You get into the area where a task is located, it pops up in your quest log, and when you finish you get mailed some cash and a thank you. You don’t even have to get to a mailbox–you can access your mail anywhere. Same with world events. They just happen in a very Rift-esque manner but without the constant joining and dropping of parties. You just show up, do your job, and move along.

All in all, having finished my 2nd complete map yesterday, I’m thoroughly hooked, and waiting to see what the next zone will bring.


Flying Solo

I was reading Stubborn’s article yesterday about the erosion of social activities in the leveling experience as he ventures forth in SW:TOR. While I can’t say that I can talk about that game in particular, as someone who considers herself a somewhat sociable player in MMO’s, I found that the article didn’t really resonate with me. Although I commented, I wanted to expand and explore that comment, and the general topic a bit more.

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Ringing in 2012

I hope everyone survived holiday time with the family! My goal over the holidays was to do some good ol’ fashioned achievement whoring, and I must say, it was a wild success. I started with Loremaster, which I haven’t quite finished yet having Icecrown and Bloody Hell Bloodmyst Island–with its quest chain tied to a note in some Blood Elf’s pocket–standing between me and the achievement. With all the questing, and the gear that was thrown in my face time, after time, after time, I also did something over the weekend I thought I’d never ever do: I visited the ethereal’s shop!

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Furtive Father Winter Guest Post: An Ode to Leveling Alts

This year, Ababeko of Red Cow Rise hosted the Blog Azeroth Furtive Father Winter event, a secret santa guest posting event. Effy of Effraeti’s RP gifted me with this amazing guest post. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays to everyone, and especially to Windsoar, the recipient of this special Furtive Father Winter Event guest blog!  Also a big Thank You! to Red Cow of Red Cow Rise for organizing the FFW Event and to Blog Azeroth our home away from our blogs and the meeting place of minds to come up with all these wonderful events to keep us motivated.

For those of you who may not be familiar, I am Effy.  I write the blog Effraeti’s RP, which is a conglomeration of short stories, transmogging ideas, roleplaying thoughts, raiding adventures and any other thing that I come up with – usually relating to World of Warcraft, but not always.

I had to do some serious research on Jaded Alt to try and determine someplace where we might overlap in subject matter until I finally circled back to the obvious.  As you might hazard to guess from the title “Jaded Alt,” Windsoar has her very own collection of alts on WoW.

Bingo!  I have lots of alts too!

After reading her post Making a Buck While Leveling Alt No. 2349, I tried her technique myself.  I quickly realized that a heavy schedule of questing and collecting to level did not quite work for me.  (And selling everything?!  *gasp!*  How can I be a packrat without numerous bankalts loaded down with low level mats and gear I will probably never use??)  ><

Windsoar’s idea was great.  I just really wish I could level an alt and actually MAKE money that way, rather than barely breaking even.  Small jaunts of questing are about all I can manage, which probably sounds weird since I am such a lore geek.

So in a sister post to Windsoar’s, here is an Effy guide to leveling alts.  This technique has earned me entirely too many toons over the past six months or so and now it can for you too!

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Insanely Fun: New Images of Loremaster

My husband looked at me and sighed. My guildmate sadly pronounced that I was insane. And a lovely twitterati pointed out that her guildmate was on his 3rd round. I just couldn’t help myself: I’m working on Loremaster again.

Warning: Image Heavy Post

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Minipost: Check Your Head

I miss having neutral cities. You know what a pain in the rumpus it is to track down every race of the opposite faction?! I found 3 when I was dousing their poorly constructed Wickerman, another in Brill blithely doing quests, a Blood Elf in the Ghostlands (where you still have to putter around on your ground mount), and a Tauren… well, in the middle of Orgrimmar. I would have lived too if that pesky Death Knight hadn’t spotted me.

Collecting the Loot: A Quick Guide to Dire Maul North’s Tribute Run

I’ve never made any secret about the fact that I’ve been playing this game for a long time. For the most part, I don’t think that changes much for the dynamic of the game, especially where I spend the majority of my time, killing end-game bosses. However, I can’t help being a little nostalgic about early dungeons, and I think part of the reason I enjoy leveling alts through the early levels in the dungeon finder is getting to run all those dungeons again. Sure, I had to walk across a mountainous passage during a blizzard to even find the entrance door, but I’m ok with these newer versions–they’re still fun! At least, most of them are fun. If I never see Dire Maul North (Gordok Commons) pop onto my screen again, I think I might die happy.

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Welcome Back! Or How I Rolled Another Alt

It’ll come as no surprise that when Scarymidget said he might, possibly, maybe be interested in returning to the game, I was doing my best to break his arm *ahem* hype up the fun factor. You see, before he was scary.. and a midget, he was my beloved pocket healer and a guy (and gal–his wife is awesome folks) that my husband and I had gone to visit at the end of a couple of weeks in the woods. And yes, we were nice enough to stop at the hotel and shower first! Continue reading

Making a Buck While Leveling Alt No. 2349

Cold is running his monthly festival, and this month it’s all about alts. Since I’ve spent the past week being rather blustery about the wonders of alts, because I really do think they’re a great thing to have around, I thought I’d take part in this particular shared topic. Since Cold is all about making cash, it will be primarily slanted towards making money. However, this alt isn’t for those who are looking to create the perfect complement of max level toons to build their gold-making empire. These are basic tips & tricks that anyone looking to level just for the fun of it can use to squeeze a bit of extra cash out of a disposable character. Continue reading