Diablo 3 Auction Houses

Diablo 3 AH is a game changer in every sense. However I’ve not seen a lot of analysis and if possible, even less since the rates have been announced. Sure people have been gasping and saying “Two AHs?  What does it mean!?” for months now but that doesn’t really count.  So here’s a bit of analysis:

The Diablo 3 AH will be very different from current expectations now that the rate structure is out. It’s a fair bit more expensive than expected.
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Making a Buck While Leveling Alt No. 2349

Cold is running his monthly festival, and this month it’s all about alts. Since I’ve spent the past week being rather blustery about the wonders of alts, because I really do think they’re a great thing to have around, I thought I’d take part in this particular shared topic. Since Cold is all about making cash, it will be primarily slanted towards making money. However, this alt isn’t for those who are looking to create the perfect complement of max level toons to build their gold-making empire. These are basic tips & tricks that anyone looking to level just for the fun of it can use to squeeze a bit of extra cash out of a disposable character. Continue reading

And For My Next Trick

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had something special you could do, some magical little bit of extra goodness that would help your raid succeed on a particularly harrowing encounter?  That’s the question asked this week by Restodude for Blog Azeroth’s shared topic.

If you’re a restoration shaman, that answer is fairly limited, so for the topic, I’m gonna be expanding my horizons and taking a quick peek at the tasty tidbits that every shaman can bring to the table outside their regular role or rotation to bring the extra oomph to the party. Continue reading

Why Your 71-Point Protection Paladin Makes Me Cry

I don’t know if I’m hyper-aware of paladins because it’s one of my favorite classes, or if there are just a large number of players who believe a 71-pt. protection specialization is the way to go, but somehow, it seems that I have been seeing a lot recently as I tool around random groups on my shaman and death knight.  Now, I’m not going to go back on my word, and say that you’re doing it wrong if you choose to go 71 points… at least not if you’re sufficiently holding aggro and have enough damage reduction to not make your healer to have heart failure every time you pull a pack of mobs.

What I am saying is that you could be doing such a better job at the roles you fulfill as a tank–threat generation and damage reduction–if you utilized your talents a bit differently. Continue reading

Expect, Discuss, and Compromise

I’ve been with my guild for 3 days [a month, a year] and I don’t like the direction of our raiding policy [guild chat discussions, loot distribution].  I’m thinking of leaving my guild, but I really like this group.

How often have you had a discussion like this with a fellow guild member?  Have you been a guild master and seen something like this in a goodbye post and been befuddled because this is the first time you’re seeing it?

This post isn’t for GM’s or officers, it is for members of guild of any bent or persuasion who feel like they are not being heard.  We are all masters of our own destiny in and out of the game, and it is possible to effect and shape your guild’s function and policy, even if you are not a member of the acknowledged power structure. Continue reading

Random Jumbles

I’m back!  And happy!  And confuzzled!  HELP!

First off, vacation was awesome and awful.  As usual there were the days of fun and frolicking a-la camping, and then the unannounced days spent tracking up and down the east coast interspersed with ratty hotels and annoying fights over bed space in order to visit “that woman.”  Overall, the family time was nice, if a bit too much like the worst days of home-life when the snipping becomes unbearable, but… I’ve found, such is any type of family vacation.

Next up, Windsoar’s non-WoW life involves a number of depressing details that aren’t worth mentioning, but which do affect my ability to provide content here.  I’m poor as a dormer mouse, starting grad school next week, and toss in finding a job that does not require standing/walking for more than 2 hours a day leads me to conclude that I’m going to have limited time for what you come by for…. WoW talks. Continue reading