Production Company is Recruiting

I don’t think I’ve ever made a post solely for the purposes of recruiting before, but there’s a first time for everything. After a 6-month break, graduations, births, and new jobs, the team is back together and looking for more!

Leave the Drama to the Actors

Basic Information

Production Company

10-man Alliance, Moonrunner-US

Founded July 2007

Raid Times

Sunday 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. PST


All raiding content (heroic) and raid achievements completed by the end of the expansion.

This is a change from our previous raiding experience as a ranked heroic mode guild.

The Group

Production Company is primarily a group of adult, working professionals. Although we are reducing our raid hours per week the type of player we want to raid with remains the same: self-motivated, self-correcting, and dedicated players who strive to improve their performance week after week. Guild activities vary and are largely at the discretion of individual members. There is little directed activity outside of the raid.


Raiding with Production Company is all about maximizing encounter time. Members are expected to be able to dedicate themselves to the raid time when they are able to attend. Flasks/potions/feasts/repairs/enchants are provided for raid-ready members. Breaks are scheduled on an hourly basis. Since raiders are responsible for their own performance and improvement, errors will not be pointed out–we expect you know what you’re doing wrong and act accordingly.

Current Openings

  • Tank with fully capable DPS specialization. Shield tanks preferable.
  • Healer (2). Low desire for druids.
  • DPS (variable). Low desire for mage/rogue.

Get in Touch

If this sounds like the type of raid group and schedule you’re looking for, you can contact our team in a variety of ways.

Just start a new thread in the Casting Couch forum titled “Questions.” Our official application hasn’t been updated to reflect the new schedule, but it can still be used if you’re ready to apply.

  • Contact a member in-game.

My battletag is Windsoar#1521

Otherwise, just track down someone within the guild.

  • Contact by e-mail

Official/GM: 10manraiding @

Mine: windsoar.jadedalt @


Throttling Down

I was a little taken aback, a little swept away by my precipitous return to WoW. Was it the lovely personalities, the game itself, the need to achieve with speed. Nope, nope, and nope. It was the strong desire to fiddle, to flex my dictatorial spirit and whip my troops back into shape. My mods that is. Major patches mean major breaks in UI functionality, and while this one was kinder than most, the loss of my favorite DK add-on (RIP Magic Runes) left me rebuilding from the ground-up.

How I love my projects. (No, there’s no preview yet. It’s not pretty! However, my WeakAuras still work if you’re looking for some portable strings for restoration druids).

Although I expected to jump in, clean up, and be all nice and tidy for MoP, the very act of synchronizing my achievements, pets, and mounts led me to want something…more. I started doing some dailies. I ran a dungeon or two. And lo and behold, over the weekend, guild chat reached a grand tally of 5 people. It may not sound like much, but for our 10-man raiding guild with a 12-13 roster, it was like having the crew back together again.

This coincides rather nicely with a number of interesting developments that have been occurring on the guild forums. A couple of threads have opened up, and people are actually beginning to respond. Although we’re still iffy on a few folks, it looks like the proposed 4-5 hour raiding week will fly, and Production Company will be killing internet dragons in October.

And that brings me to the topic on my mind today, the one that I imagine will be floating around with me all week as I try to decide what I would do if I had any flex, flex that I don’t ever, ever, ever want. Although our guild will still be raiding, we’re not going to be first on the starting line in progression kills. There’s a firm realization that clearing all heroic content before the next tier is over the horizon for MoP. I’m ok with that, and any number of folks are too, or they’d have jumped ship by now.

What it does portend is still up in the air. What kind of applicants would be interested in a single raiding day and be as raid-ready as we’d like? Probably not many. Folks that would like to be in a guild like ours: I hope quite a few! But I also expect that folks who can only raid once a week are going to expect a bit more from their guild environment that our usually stony silence and total disregard for non-raiding days. If we only raid once a week, we might actually make some time to log in to run a dungeon, or even better, a challenge mode on another night.

So in addition to needing alts filling out our roster for a more flexible and mobile raiding team, we want to encourage alts, friends, and family members to feel cozy in our guild–to provide a good environment that encourages warm, fuzzy, and most of all dependable feelings of love and loyalty to the great Production Company Sun Banner.

And that’s where people like me come in. Someone who had their husband leave the guild after a year or so to join his alt bank. Who pulled out her own alts to help level said guild. Who had a friend roll some new alts in the alternate guild.

And alsothose folks who run with us and another raiding guild, even when we raided 9 hours a week. Who knows where they stash their alts, and whether they’ll continue to love us when they’re progressing at a faster clip with the “other guys.”

And let’s not forget the person who has the single raiding member and that’s it. Do they have alts? Everyone has to have alts, right? Where ARE THEY????

Other than our bubbly personalities

Ok, I just can’t say that without laughing. We’re a bunch of great folks, but SNL doesn’t happen in our guild chat. We’re just nice people with jobs and kids and a love for raiding.

So how does a guild that’s throttling back, committing less time to an activity in game, but wanting to encourage guild participation in that game keep folks on board and in love with the guild that makes it happen? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Why I Can’t Raid Casual

Every time I consider raiding with a casual group, all I can think of is George Carlin’s driving dialogue.

Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?

can be a patient person. Really. If you want to learn, I’ll be happy to spend a countless amount of time and energy into helping things click. I thought this made me a perfect fit for a casual guild. I mean, I love the choices that come with the casual life, and the often more free and chatty guild environment.

I was wrong.

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I Cried Inside, and Then…

Tonight I received a message from my guild leader. We used to chat fairly often throughout the day, he while working and me while writing, but there was a recent (and awesome!) job change that has reduced our communication to short bursts when one of us has the time or energy to show up early for a raid, or stay up a bit late thereafter. So I wasn’t particularly worried… it’d been awhile since our last chat, but they’ve always been great things.

But today, the news was not so good. He had decided that Production Company would no longer be a raiding guild.

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Fall of the Firelord

4.3 has come. Deathwing has fallen. Yet it wasn’t until our last pull of our 3-hour raid last night that Heroic Ragnaros fell. I’m glad that we kept at it, that we refused to give up, and that molten pain in the arse finally met his end. I’ve never been a member of a raid team that finished a raid from start to finish, normal and heroic. It’s an odd feeling being at the end of that ride, but I know that I’ve found the right spot. While I might have been frustrated at individual attempts and my own failures, I didn’t find myself frustrated at the work that went into making that kill.

Minipost: A Random Act of Kindness

I think my regular readers are well aware of my recent spate of spaz over my performance as a boomkin. What you may not know is that I regularly make it late to Monday night raids. Due to some weird scheduling snafu (ie my professor decided to tack on thesis advisement after class) my regular 1/2 early time frame has ended up being anywhere from 15-30 minutes late. Every single week so far this semester. For a punctual person like myself, it’s downright torture.

I’ve gotten in the habit of sending a text to my RL as I’m heading out to my car, as it gives him at least 30 minutes to figure something out. I’ve pointed out more than once that he can sub me on Monday nights because I’m invariably late, yet he never has until last week. While I wouldn’t say I spazzed (ok, mabye just a little) I did do a double take. Replace…. moi? I told him I had no problem replacing me if it was due to my schedule, but if it was my performance, I wanted to talk about it. Reassurances achieved, I happily sat out and did some reading.

This week, miracle of miracles, I got out of class close enough to on-time that I couldn’t make it for invites, but I could make it for the raid start time. I was honestly a little giddy, and I may have broken the speed limit on isolated parts of the drive home. I get all logged in only to find my entire team in the Firelands ready to go. To say I pouted to myself would be an understatement. I let my RL know I was available as a sub if I was needed, then logged out to enjoy some chili dogs and tv with the hubby, all in all, not a bad night.

Yep, I felt this happy

Yes, the kindness, I’m getting to that. After the raid I get a message from my RL. He just wanted to let me know that I wasn’t replaced because anyone would be more awesome than me, but they just happened to have a full house for the night. And you know what? I really did know that, but having him say it made me feel a lot better. I’m all in favor of sub rotations, and frankly, he should probably sit me every Monday since my schedule is so erratic. However, he didn’t have to take the time to send me a message as he was (I’m sure) heading to bed for the evening.

And I’d just like to say: Thank you!

Have you had someone in game do a random act of kindness for you?