Wrapping Up #MMONBI

The Newbie Blogger Initiative was a great success, and in addition to all the new bloggers who got started, there were also a ton of articles on a multitude of topics about blogging. Since I’m such a list compiler, I’ve decided to put together this final compilation of all the advice that was given (and hopefully received!) during our newbie blog drive. Thanks for all your contributions!

Special thanks to Syp for getting us all together, and Binkenstein and Rezznul for reviewing and tweaking my categories.

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Oooo, Shinies

There’s been a lot of awesome posting about all kinds of subjects since Cataclysm released, and I haven’t been doing a lot of linking, or even really staying in the mainstream discussions. However, I thought I’d dig out the guides and conversations that I enjoyed over the last week (even if I did a total fail on participation… no gold star for Wind!)

I’ve tried to keep things semi-grouped by topic so that you can just skip on down to the kind of discussions that interest you. My apologies to anyone who actually checks out my recent reading feed — these have all been shared already!

Levelings (Alts)

From Druid Main: Leveling Benchmarks, i.e. when to run back to town to train that tradeskill and other useful stuff.


While Vixsin at Life in Group 5 is really looking for resto shamans, I thought it was a darn good example of how to evaluate trinkets for casters in general.

Class Guides

Want to know anything, and I do mean anything about trees? Keeva has set-up RestoDruid.info, a massive compilation of everything pertaining to healing as a restoration druid: from leveling to PvE to PvP.

Rapid Fire walks you through the basics of Markmanship.

Wondering how to make your bear enchanting? Look no further than Saniel’s 4.0.3 Feral Enchant Guide. You should also check out the bear “rotation” post if you’re just getting started!

Samuel’s ready to break in all those new baby rogues with his L1 – 10 guide.

Psynister has a number of beginning leveling guides updated for the expansion, so I’ll just link you straight to his front page. If it’s not up yet, it will be soon!

Ever wonder exactly how much that profession change will cost you? Check out Azeroth on 20 Silver a Day to find out the answer — in silver and gold!


Deana of Healer Aggro put out a great quick and dirty guide to 5-man Heroics.

This is filed here, despite it’s tongue in cheek approach, because if you’re a tank starting heroics, A Shortage of Dwarves has some ‘xplanations for you.

You know that Skada/Recount will tell you all kinds of fun information — but how do you use that to evaluate your healing team? While not the best tool in creation, Zel walks us through getting the best use out of our in-game healing meters — one bar at a time.

A picture guide to making Grim Batol suck less over at I Like Bubbles. Go memorize those circles!

Raiding Guides

The Stealther’s Guide to Omotron Defense System by Squelchy!

While I haven’t seen one in the past week, I thought Sword and Board deserved a special mention for some concise raid instructions that are great for raid leaders!

Musings About….

Vidyala has an open letter to Blizzard about the state of fishing.

In epic Bearwall style, BBB discusses the Unholy Trinity. I also enjoyed We Fly Spitfires’ take on the same issue: adding a 6th party member! And for a slightly different perspective, you can always check out Adam at the Noisy Rogue who explores why there’s a healer / tank “shortage.”

Ever get tired of all the negative hype about games breaking relationships? Beruthiel shares a very personal story (so if you’re not into that kinda thing, don’t click) about how the game facilitated a great relationship.

Red Cow Rise has some great reviews of all the new zones — instead of linking them all, I’m going to send you over on this Mt. Hyjal review, but root around and read the series!

Naithin at Fun in Games also has a good series on building a UI. I’m linking the third part of the three-part series.

Archeology: love it, hate it, strudel? Naora has a good look at the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to the newest profession.

What makes Warcraft different from the 101 other MMO’s that have risen and fallen during Warcraft’s long reign? That’s exactly what Gazimoff explores and he’s got some interesting insights into the success of the game we all know and (sometimes) love.

Ah, Lady RNG has reared her ugly head again, and this time she’s plaguing Syl at the Raging Monkeys. A great read for all of us who are forced to admit defeat at the hands of the capricious bit… ah, lady.

Thanks everyone for the great reading!


4.0.1 Survival (Class) Guides

Last Updated 10/14/10 @ 10:36 p.m.

Having eschewed the PTR that requires a download every other day, I actually have very little idea how classes will work other than reading patch notes, staring at the new trees and trying to decide what glyphs to buy now or later. However, plenty of bloggers have been testing out their classes, so this post is a recognition of that hard work, and I hope, a good way for a disparate number of readers to find out about their favorite class.

A big thank you to Rebecca Judd with MMO Melting Pot for sharing her work with me! If you just want to know which one is the best to read, check out her guide on the best (current) class guide.

If you have a guide, or know of a good one, let me know so I can update my links. Thanks!

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Another Worldview

A few months ago Angelya did a great post on how to take a screenshot.  Basically, it was great crash course primer in learning how to know when objects were properly aligned in the space.  However, another great way to learn how to take great shots is to look at great shots, so instead of my usual screenshot this week, I thought I’d share the photoblogs I’m currently following. Continue reading

kgPanels: Textures

For the beginner looking to get some nifty textures into the game and start experimenting with kgPanels, I suggest a couple of downloads that can help you get started.

Packaged Textures

Gigantic Texture Pack

Steam Pixel Modular Texture Pack

Neutrino Modular Texture Pack

Reborn Textures


Shiningmind’s Artwork Pack

Vivien’s Art Pack

Vivien’s kgPanels Collection


Anything made for Btex (If you just want the bottom paneling, I highly suggest Btex as a substitute for kgPanels.)

Other Sources

You can also find custom artwork in many down-loadable UI compilations.  Don’t worry, if you aren’t interested in the entire compilation the textures are pretty easy to find!  Generally you will find the .tga extension files either directly in the interface folder OR in Interface/[non-addon name] folder.  A little digging can yield some nice work–just remember that if you have plans to publicly share your own UI compilation to give credit back to those whom you borrowed from!

Last Note

There is a lot of content out there labeled as “Media Pack.”  These are generally for shared media (textures for buttons, etc.) and not for use with kgPanels.

Linkin’ Love

I usually don’t have the patience for this kind of post — I spent more time tracking down these interesting posts that I enjoyed than I did reading them the first time around.  That being said, while I don’t plan to do this type of thing very often, if you haven’t been introduced to some of these fabulous bloggers it’s about time!  It’s also a good time for me to thank everyone who has made my first couple months in the WoW blogosphere so enjoyable and successful thus far.  I hope you enjoy your travels, and I’ll see everyone back here on Friday!

Kae at Dreambound has done a nice synopsis of general changes coming our way once 3.3 hits.  While you probably heard about the great raid for the cure over at Big Bear Butt, he also offers a more personal way to show compassion for a young boy suffering from cancer.  Euripedes hit the nail on the head with his lovely rant against the new micro-transaction pets.  Icee finished up her art contest — see her winners and ponder the wonders of a druid as a main.

As Cataclysm approaches, healers are hoping to get the same “fun overall” that tanks did for the release of Wrath.  Llyra at Healing Way offered a series to make healing more fun: part 1, part 2, part 3.  Cassandri at Hots and Dots had a scary experience with a hacker — not to throw in a spoiler, but her characters are still playable and her gear sets are intact.  There’s also a new tree in town — The View from the Branches is shaping up to be a nice read, and especially useful resource for you reputation grinders.

And dragons — who doesn’t love them?  Tamarind at Righteous Orbs has begun to rate them!  Hate the faction champions?  Can’t figure out why?  Read Shopx3’s explanation over at Runeforge Gossip and it’ll all make sense.  Stormstrike had an interesting take on the name of shaman’s new tier — middle earth anyone?  And I simply loved Jaedia’s post about Maiev Shadowsong — while I played and loved the Warcraft games (battle chest anyone?) it’s nice to see the lore bug travel to new (to Warcraft series) players.


Helping Out

GamerKirei at A Gamer of Sorts has been looking for guest authors to keep her WoW readership entertained.  To sweeten the deal, she is also sharing from her collection of Heroes of Newerth (HoN) beta keys.  So if you have an itch to share some writing, or are just really excited about trying out games in Beta, go check it out!

Although I tried to turn down the beta key (omg, another gaming obsession) she gave me one anyway for my guest post, That Guy, that went up today.  Feel free to check it out 🙂


Help a Shapeshifter Out: Art Contest

Druid Main is currently holding an art contest to provide some beautiful druidic art for her website. Although I’m not a druid, I thought I’d share the love — maybe we have a secret artiste among us 🙂


Please don’t make it desktop-sized…or rather you can but I’d have to scale it down to fit into the post, so keep that in mind. The largest image I can put into a blog post is about 500 x 500 pixels. Other than that you can make it any size as long as it looks good.

As for content…anything druidic goes. Shapeshift forms, Tauren or Kal’dorei, combat/fighting, specific spells, anything you want. Just keep it appropriate for PG-13 or so. I’ll be picking the best pieces to be featured in my article of awesomeness. The number of winners depends on image sizes and how they fit with my formatting in the article…and how many druids send in artwork.

My goal with the images is to have them make people want to roll a druid, get curious about the class, and make druids look like the great powerful critters they are. Make Malfurion proud!

Out of the winners, I’ll pick an Arch-druid winner to receive a 60-day WoW Game Card 😀


Email me your image with an email that you check often – I’ll be emailing the winner from that address. My email is icedragon (dot) wow (at) gmail (dot) com. Or you can be lazy and use the Contact Ice link at the top of my blog.

Deadline for entries is November 5, 2009.