Wrapping Up #MMONBI

The Newbie Blogger Initiative was a great success, and in addition to all the new bloggers who got started, there were also a ton of articles on a multitude of topics about blogging. Since I’m such a list compiler, I’ve decided to put together this final compilation of all the advice that was given (and hopefully received!) during our newbie blog drive. Thanks for all your contributions!

Special thanks to Syp for getting us all together, and Binkenstein and Rezznul for reviewing and tweaking my categories.

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[D3] Day 1 Q&A

Although I imagine Error 37, and my subsequent spring fling with CTRL-V, will take awhile to fade from my first impressions of Diablo 3 going live, I did get the opportunity to create my Witch Doctor yesterday arriving alongside my husband’s Wizard outside of New Tristram. We only managed to claw ourselves up to L11, but I must say that what the beta promised, the final product delivered and I’m thoroughly enjoying my return to Diablo’s playground. I don’t imagine that I’ll be hitting nightmare any time soon (unlike some people I know) but as a returning Diablo player, I expected to be running the ropes rather smoothly; however, I did have a few questions crop up, either myself or from others getting ready to start playing. Since I obviously cannot be alone in my derp (wishful thinking) here’s Wind’s self Q&A.

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If You Remember Nothing Else….WRITE! #MMONBI

May is just flying away, and there are a hundred and one other things I can talk about blogging and getting started. Last year, I’d provided a little snapshot into my own pet peeves when reading blogs: like all advice take it or leave it. There have also been a slew of helpful posts on hosting and things over at the NBI forums. I particularly enjoyed these three posts on setting up your blog, connecting with the community, and handling that RSS mess.

And while I could provide similar and just as well meaning advice on connecting with the greater community of bloggers (that’s kinda the cornerstone of this initiative!) the most important single piece of advice I could ever hope to give an aspiring blogger is this:


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What’s In a Name? #MMONBI

Another day, another post for the Newbie Blogging Initiative! Before we get started, I’ve had a couple of questions about getting involved. Whether you want to be a blogger (or are a newbie!) or if you wish to sponsor the NBI, just head over to the NBI forums, find the appropriate section of forums (Sponsor or Newbie) and sign up! There’s already some good threads started where brave souls have ponied up some questions. Don’t be shy, we won’t eat you!

The Bard would tell us that our blog is going to be awesome no matter what we call, and in that, he’s not far wrong. Even if you call your blog Home Gardening Tips #101, someone will eventually find your boss articles depending on how you tag and categorize (that’s another article) but shouldn’t you make it easier than that for readers to find you? How many poor gardening enthusiasts are you pissing off?

Taking the time to name your blog is a great exercise for planning out the infant stages of your blogging project and can be a great advertising tool in it’s own right.

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Be a Blogger Campaign | Newbie Blogger Initiative

I love reading blogs, I love keeping in contact with a cadre of other bloggers through twitter and Blog Azeroth, and best of all, I want you to ask yourself: Should I be a blogger?

For the month of May, in conjunction with a swarm of other bloggers across the MMO genre, I’ll be posting about the nuts and bolts of blogging, the good, the bad, and technical, to encourage you, and you, and yeah, you over there, to take your thoughts, stories, and screenshot folder, and share them through a blog.

I started my own blog in September 2009, somewhat as a whim, but primarily as an archive. What’s more fitting for a historian, right? You see, I had all these memories, experiences, notes, and other random stuff that kept getting posted, lost, and saved in random folders. I really wanted a way to organize my thoughts, my history with gaming in a place that wouldn’t be controlled by my guild associations or through the implosion of laptops.

Funnily enough, I’ve found that others have found some small kernel of value out of all that miscellaneous meanderings. Some people just seem to like, well, me (or my screenshots!) And through this process of sharing I’ve discovered a whole new world, or rather, a tiny segment of the larger gaming community that also shares my need to share and helps provide tips, advice, and musings about the game-worlds that they enjoy.

So this month, I open the curtain behind Jaded Alt, and take you on a micro-tour of the decisions that have gone into making my blog mine as well as some general advice (that I’d wish I’d had!) about starting and maintaining a blog and a web presence. If you have a specific question, leave a comment, or send me an e-mail. Take a moment to visit the whole host of gaming bloggers who will be providing advice and thoughts on blogging, and ask yourself:

Am I a blogger?

Special thanks to Syp over at Bio Break for organizing the hordes, and Greg “Rackham” Moran of The Jedi Gambit for the lovely graphic!

Now for Specifics

th_deathknightDeathknights have over the whole year or so they’ve been around gotten a rather bad rap. There overpowered, they destroy in pvp, they are a better tank than warriors, wah wah wah… Unfortunately for me and people like me however, Blizzard listened to these many comments like they normally do and brought down the nerf bat hard and swift a number of times over. This post, and a few others following, are going to be primarily focused on how to get the most out of your Deathknight– the one that you insist on playing even though Blizzard (and all the other players on your server) hate you.

Step One: Know what role you want to play and stick to it first.

As a deathknight you have all sorts of options, but like most other classes with options you have to pick one of them and stick too it furiously, almost obsessively. Like…so much that you drive other people in your guild a little nuts whenever you raid with them. Single target dps, multi target (or AOE) dps, and tank are your main 3 options. As wow is a game of math above and beyond however much roleplay or “fun” raiding you may like to do, there is really only one spec for every role, with a few specific talents that you can switch around slightly depending on the situation. For those of you reading this that think “Oh, I can just make it through with a home-brewed talent spec, picking and choosing what I like” I’m sorry to inform you, you’re wrong. Or at very least your not getting the most out of you deathknight.  Blizzard is doing a good enough job on there own, we don’t need to help them nerf us.


Single Target/Blood: Spec #1

Optional Rune Power: Spec #2

AOE/Unholy: Spec

Tank/Frost: Spec

You may have variations or disagree that other specs are great (I’m thinking specifically of those who stand behind a frost dps build /shudder). But without having to gear very specifically for your talent these are the tried and tested specs that I have made work and crunched numbers to ensure provide maximum benefit.


Now a very brief overview on gear. Wow has put in place my most and least favorite change of all time during one of there most recent patches. Heroics drop emblems of conquest. If you still need to be shown how to gear at 80 to get into Ulduar or ToC then there’s no help for you. Grind out heroics, get some pug experience in Naxx and OS if you think you need it and get those badges! Conquest gear is great and if you can pick up a cheap triumph (obtained from doing the daily heroics) piece or two during the process you’ll be even further ahead. I realize for most players this I old hat and I’m just retelling old news, but in the interest of being thorough I will occasionally mention things you’ve probably already heard about.

Next time I’ll delve into a few specific relics and their uses with each spec I’ve mentioned. Runeforging 101 and the do’s and dont’s of blowing your cooldowns in raids.

Thanks for coming back, hope to have more for you soon!