4.0 Bare Minimum

This is a simple cheat sheet for basic changes that will be occurring when 4.0 drops.  This is information that I gained from the official forums or other reliable news sources, and links have been provided to the original information.

Badges & Points

Badges That Convert to Gold Source

  • Emblem of Heroism, Valor, & Conquest: 5.5 gold each
  • Badge of Justice: 1.833 gold each

Badges That Convert to Justice Points

  • Emblem of Frost & Triumph: Number of badges x 11.58

Justice points will have a soft cap of 4000.  Players can have conversions greater than 4,000 justice points, but can not any earn any future points until they have dropped below the soft cap.  A hard cap of 4,000 will be implemented at a future patch date (but prior to Cataclysm).

Justice Points per Content Level (Current Content Only) Source

  • Heroic dungeon boss: 16 points
  • Normal daily reward: 12 points
  • Heroic daily reward: 23 points
  • Raid boss: 23 points

Talent Trees

All talent trees will be converted to a 31-point model that requires you to invest thirty one talent points in a primary talent tree before you will be able to pick talents in an alternate tree.  For those leveling, be aware that talent points will be gained every other level beginning at level 10.  Source


The flexible raid lockout system will be implemented.  Instead of being saved to a particular ID, raiders will instead be locked to specific encounters.  Encounters can be completed in either 10 or 25 man mode. Icecrown Citadel & Trial of the Crusader will both use the flexible raid system.

Due to changes in stats, the Chill of the Throne effect will be removed.  Source



The following stats are being removed (gained through talents or baked into certain roles):

  • Defense, Block Value, mp5

The following stats are being removed from gear:

  • Attack Power, Spell Power, Armor Penetration
  • Weapons will still have Attack Power or Spell Power

The following conversions are being made:

  • Gain 2 attack power per point of….

If Hunter, Rogue, Druid (probably not bear), Shaman: Agility

If Paladin, Death Knight, Warrior (and probably Druid Bear): Strength

  • Intellect —> Spellpower
  • Spirit —-> Mana Regeneration

Hit conversion per talents can be found for shadow priests, elemental shamans, and balance druids who will continue to share gear with healers.  All other ranged dps will not see spirit on their gear.


The glyph system is being revamped.  Players will now have 3 Prime glyphs, 3 Major Glyphs and 3 Minor glyphs.  Glyphs by class can be found here.


Due to stat changes, gems are being converted and in some cases, are changing color.  A gem by color chart by Angelya at Revive and Rejuvenate can be found here.


I was unable to discover any information on whether enchants would be updated at this time to reflect the changes in stats.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see on that one folks!


The Impact of Badges

Badges: Tokens found on the bodies of dead bosses.  Can be exchanged with merchants in order to get newer gear.

The Progression

When badges were first introduced, I loved them.  L-O-V-E was in the air!  I was running heroics every day for upgrades already, and badges made it easier for me to get some choice pieces, replacing those items that I had crafted myself, but were a little short on the stat allotment.  Badges made sense to me — I could upgrade a piece of gear when I spent enough time killing baddies to earn it, not when it arbitrarily dropped off said baddie.

This trend continued when raiding in Northrend became available.  I was killing bigger, meaner, nastier baddies that required me to have more help.  The rewards were greater, but again, I got this nifty token, and if I spent enough time killing enough baddies, I could turn in a bushel of them for a great piece of gear instead of waiting for a random drop that may or may not be destined for my backpack.

Then, another rank of raid dungeons and another set of badges.  Again, the difficulty was harder, but the badges served the same purpose — giving me equivalent gear to the danger I was facing in order to get gear to fight the same said baddies.  Awesome!

And then comes the conundrum, the part I just fail to grasp in a non-ambivalent way — new badges, for better gear… at the earliest content level available.  Whaaaa? Continue reading