Furtive Father Winter Guest Post: An Ode to Leveling Alts

This year, Ababeko of Red Cow Rise hosted the Blog Azeroth Furtive Father Winter event, a secret santa guest posting event. Effy of Effraeti’s RP gifted me with this amazing guest post. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays to everyone, and especially to Windsoar, the recipient of this special Furtive Father Winter Event guest blog!  Also a big Thank You! to Red Cow of Red Cow Rise for organizing the FFW Event and to Blog Azeroth our home away from our blogs and the meeting place of minds to come up with all these wonderful events to keep us motivated.

For those of you who may not be familiar, I am Effy.  I write the blog Effraeti’s RP, which is a conglomeration of short stories, transmogging ideas, roleplaying thoughts, raiding adventures and any other thing that I come up with – usually relating to World of Warcraft, but not always.

I had to do some serious research on Jaded Alt to try and determine someplace where we might overlap in subject matter until I finally circled back to the obvious.  As you might hazard to guess from the title “Jaded Alt,” Windsoar has her very own collection of alts on WoW.

Bingo!  I have lots of alts too!

After reading her post Making a Buck While Leveling Alt No. 2349, I tried her technique myself.  I quickly realized that a heavy schedule of questing and collecting to level did not quite work for me.  (And selling everything?!  *gasp!*  How can I be a packrat without numerous bankalts loaded down with low level mats and gear I will probably never use??)  ><

Windsoar’s idea was great.  I just really wish I could level an alt and actually MAKE money that way, rather than barely breaking even.  Small jaunts of questing are about all I can manage, which probably sounds weird since I am such a lore geek.

So in a sister post to Windsoar’s, here is an Effy guide to leveling alts.  This technique has earned me entirely too many toons over the past six months or so and now it can for you too!

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Creating a Character

Byaghro at Diabolical Minds has been looking to change his blogging outlook a bit, and decided to undertake a small project that looks at how we view ourselves and at how others view us in our game-world of choice.  While there were two possible prompts, I voted for the second one since the first would require quite a bit of feed-back for a good discussion.  Having looked at the prompt for a few days now, I also thought that it’d actually make a pretty good starter for creating a role-playing character, so it does have some application beyond exploring how you view yourself, and how that translates into your characters.

If you were able to recreate yourself as a fictional character (could be in a game, a book, a movie…) what would that character be? In other words, both positive and negative traits would have to be provided (as a general rule of thumb to keep things interesting I would suggest a primary character trait, a personality description, a “fatal” character flaw, and one or two negative traits that could easily be included in the personality description).

Now, from the language of the prompt, I’m not supposed to make up some character out of no-where, I’m supposed to make myself and fit them into a character.  I’m using World of Warcraft as the base of my character creation since that’s the game we all know and love.  We can also take into account the lore of the game to help match us up better with a particular character, and let me tell you, flaws will not be a problem.

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