Joyous Tidings… But Not For My Games

Almost entirely a personal reflection post, and may cause you want to scream “QQ MOAR why don’t you?” by the time you finish. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The last few years have been rocky and fraught with peril, but somehow my husband and I have survived broken limbs, housing a mother (in-law), and squeaking out those last few pages of a master’s thesis. As graduation rolled around, I started applying for work, but not having much luck, until a former professor offered my a summer job to ease the summer by… which was about the rate of pay I was looking for AND within those professional skill sets that I had set aside a few years ago as I marched through the end of a bachelor’s and a master’s degree.

So while my personal life is no longer skating on thin ice, I noticed rather sadly that my blog has been rather quiet, battened down and sadly neglected. My raiding guild has quietly disbanded to hopefully be somewhat reassembled by the time the expansion comes out. While this has reduced my WoW time to zilch, I gleefully stepped into Diablo 3, decided to give AION the once over, and have been rediscovering the massive leap of graphical accomplishments in the last number of years as I rebooted the Quest for Glory series.

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[D3] Day 1 Q&A

Although I imagine Error 37, and my subsequent spring fling with CTRL-V, will take awhile to fade from my first impressions of Diablo 3 going live, I did get the opportunity to create my Witch Doctor yesterday arriving alongside my husband’s Wizard outside of New Tristram. We only managed to claw ourselves up to L11, but I must say that what the beta promised, the final product delivered and I’m thoroughly enjoying my return to Diablo’s playground. I don’t imagine that I’ll be hitting nightmare any time soon (unlike some people I know) but as a returning Diablo player, I expected to be running the ropes rather smoothly; however, I did have a few questions crop up, either myself or from others getting ready to start playing. Since I obviously cannot be alone in my derp (wishful thinking) here’s Wind’s self Q&A.

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Diablo 3 Auction Houses

Diablo 3 AH is a game changer in every sense. However I’ve not seen a lot of analysis and if possible, even less since the rates have been announced. Sure people have been gasping and saying “Two AHs?  What does it mean!?” for months now but that doesn’t really count.  So here’s a bit of analysis:

The Diablo 3 AH will be very different from current expectations now that the rate structure is out. It’s a fair bit more expensive than expected.
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