Giving Thanks

I love the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s a joyful time of family feasting followed by companionable attention to a football game until it’s time to head back for dessert. I was glad to find a feasting holiday added to Warcraft, because even if you don’t eat turkey and chutney in November, it’s likely that there’s a special holiday in your tradition that centers around a veritable feast shared with family and friends.

Before we dig in, we always make a point of going around the table to give everyone an opportunity to give their individual thanks for their blessings in the previous year. In that spirit, I wanted to take a moment to give thanks that I’ve met in and related to WoW.

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I’ve made a couple of posts this tier that haven’t gone over very well with progression oriented raiders. I’ve been told, and quite frankly, that I am damaging my team, that I’m encouraging other players to embrace horrible playstyles, that I am the anti-thesis of a responsible raider. I rarely let these comments bother me too much. I know the pressure I put on myself to be a contributing member to my raid team, and my raid team accepts my foibles and has found me to be an acceptable member. I’ve watched this team step up again and again, and I’m happy to have found a home.

There’s a reason I keep standing on that line making people uncomfortable. There’s a reason I’m willing to take a bit of flak, and even misrepresent my raiding environment to some extent in order to make my point. I absolutely nerd-rage over a number of the standards I’ve seen set over the years from guilds of every stripe and character about what is acceptable for raiding environments. As challenging as raiding can be, as important as basic activities like talenting, gearing, gemming, enchanting and having proper consumables can be to the success of your raiding environment, in the end, raiding is a learned skill. If raiding guilds are not to fizzle out from attrition in the next expansion, there has to be some flexibility in allowing new players/raiders into a raiding environment to learn what the hell is going on.

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Minipost: 5 Short Thoughts on the New Expansion

I don’t think I have anything to say that hasn’t been said before (have you seen all the links at MMO Melting Pot??) but it never hurts to yell into the void from time to time.

1. Pandas, WTF?

Really? You know what, I’ve played a Pandaren Brewmaster and I loved it. I set my own beer belches on fire to kill my enemies. Yes, it was silly, but it was also fun, fun, fun. Although the pandas interacted with the Horde (who wouldn’t be friends with the guy who helped you find your keg!) I’m pleasantly surprised they’ll be playable by both factions. I thought goblins on both sides would make more sense, but who can tell what convoluted logic goes on in the mind of developers. I say bring ’em on. (And if you think I’m just dreaming this shit up, you have to trust Rades, right?)

2. Where iz the women?

Will I play a Panderen in this expansion? I’d like to see the models please.

3. Talents & Skills

/sadface. While they might be working great, I distinctly remember how overjoyed I was every other level when I got a new skill or a new talent. The skill could be tracking drunken owlkin, and I would have been happy. Maybe all the gamers are supposed to be old and jaded now?

4. Monks

There’s nothing really wrong with monks, and I think I’ll enjoy fiddling with this one at some point. This definitely reminds me of the Runekeeper from LoTRO although the mechanic is being handled a bit differently.¬†While I would’ve gone with a Bombardier I think the monk could be an interesting twist (and we can’t have enough hybrids, right?)

5. The Payment Game

I know I’m gonna be playing the game for awhile. I want to stay at least through the end of Cataclysm, and if I’m truly honest (I mean really, really honest) I doubt I’ll be able to help myself from taking a peek at the Mists as well. What can I say, I’m curious! So I’ve ponied up some cash and put my signature on the little dotted line because I know I’m playing, and I was going to buy D3 no questions asked. (And somehow, the SW franchise has never captured my imagination, so I doubt I’ll be taking a peek at that one.)

Minipost: Hallow’s End!

I just love Hallow’s End, which I don’t find that surprising since I always loved Halloween as a kid. I mean, what kid doesn’t want to be a pumpkin, or a ghost, or a swashbuckling bucaneer? It is awesome. What does surprise me is that I’m actually pursuing the achievements. I’ve done Hallow’s End on a few of my characters, and I promised myself I wouldn’t get all caught up in the achievement game on Terri, yet here I am, happily thrusting my hand into buckets of candy, achieving a sparkling smile and puking my guts out for eating that one. last. candy. The whole experience leaves me wanting to work on some of the other achievements that I’ve completed over the years, on a bevy of characters and in a number of different locales. Could it really be oh so bad to stop being an alt, and for once, maybe have a main?

And just a friendly reminder, if a town has an inn, it probably has a candy bucket. Don’t believe that skimpy achievement list! If you don’t want to explore, just check out Angelya’s list of all the candy buckets.

What’s your favorite in-game event? If you’re not already an achievement junkie, is there some special achieve that you just must have?

Bonus question: Why is there always that one dps who can’t beat out the healer? I’m not a disc priest son, I’m a tree.

For Love of the Game

When I was a young girl, maybe 4 or 5, my father decided to teach me how to play Solitaire. He and my mother often played a game as they watched t.v. or chatted at the end of the day, and this was a bit before PC’s were standard in anyone’s household, so no random game on the fly! My dad, being the great guy that he is, decided I should learn to play “real” solitaire where you partition out your game cards and then do the three-card flip. It wasn’t until years later that I discovered that you can play (and enjoy) a hand of solitaire with the single card method, and why my dad felt I needed to learn the “real” way at 4, I’ll never know. Continue reading