Double Gearing

Lissanna wrote a really great article last week about gearing your Restokin. Although gear sets are much closer, and many pieces can be shared between restoration and balance nowadays, there’s always a tension that arises when you’re trying to keep two sets in the best shape possible. While I didn’t want to repeat information that has already been covered with finesse, I did want to take a moment to talk about my own experiences with covering a dual role, and how it impacts gear decisions.

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Raid Gear Guide: Caster Druids

This is not a best-in-slot list. Slots that had restoration or balance specific items have been split in order to make the list easier to navigate. Items from the Throne of the Four Winds were excluded since they rely produce items with a [Random Enchantment] which cannot be easily categorized. As always, rely on your best judgement! Non-raid items can be found in the leveling and faction gear lists respectively.

Compiled from Wowhead, Wowpedia, and Official Armory.
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Faction Enchants

Although this information is easily available elsewhere, I wanted it all on one page for my own convenience.

Head Enchants


Arcanum of the Earthen Ring, The Earthen Ring


Arcanum of Hyjal, Guardians of Hyjal

Physical Damage: Strength

Arcanum of the Dragonmaw, Dragonmaw Clan (H) or
Arcanum of the Wildhammer, Wildhammer Clan (A)

Physical Damage: Agility

Arcanum of the Ramkahen, Ramkahen

Shoulder Enchants

All shoulder enchants are available from the Therazane Faction. Like Sons of Hodir, a series of quest leads the player from hated to honored before opening up a series of daily quests.


Inscription of Unbreakable Quartz: Lesser | Greater


Inscription of Charged Lodestone: Lesser | Greater

Physical Damage: Strength

Inscription of Jagged Stone: Lesser | Greater

Physical Damage: Agility

Inscription of Shattered Crystal: Lesser | Greater


Faction Gear: Druid Casters

In conjuction with crafting and heroics, reputation gear can be the best source of early raiding gear in the game. However, gaining reputation with a faction is usually done after your leveling is complete as your sport their tabard in various dungeons and attempt to worm your way into their favor long enough to earn a trinket or two. See the leveling gear guide for dungeon, crafting, and questing gear choices.

Data compiled from Wowhead.




Arcanum of Hyjal

      , Guardians of Hyjal



Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone

    , Therazane

Baradin’s Wardens (A) / Hellscream’s Reach (H)



Wildhammer Clan (A) / Dragonmaw Clan (H)

Slight variations in naming will be found between items, however, the items are the same. I have used the Horde names for this list.




Guardians of Hyjal





The Earthen Ring






Leveling Gear: Druid Casters

This is not intended as a best-in-slot list, but merely a general listing of possible sources of caster gear for druids. I have included quest, dungeon (normal and heroic) and crafted pieces. Due to the buff provided by wearing leather, I have considered no other armor type. In order to get the most bang for your buck, try to prioritize the following stats:

Now for Specifics

th_deathknightDeathknights have over the whole year or so they’ve been around gotten a rather bad rap. There overpowered, they destroy in pvp, they are a better tank than warriors, wah wah wah… Unfortunately for me and people like me however, Blizzard listened to these many comments like they normally do and brought down the nerf bat hard and swift a number of times over. This post, and a few others following, are going to be primarily focused on how to get the most out of your Deathknight– the one that you insist on playing even though Blizzard (and all the other players on your server) hate you.

Step One: Know what role you want to play and stick to it first.

As a deathknight you have all sorts of options, but like most other classes with options you have to pick one of them and stick too it furiously, almost obsessively. Like…so much that you drive other people in your guild a little nuts whenever you raid with them. Single target dps, multi target (or AOE) dps, and tank are your main 3 options. As wow is a game of math above and beyond however much roleplay or “fun” raiding you may like to do, there is really only one spec for every role, with a few specific talents that you can switch around slightly depending on the situation. For those of you reading this that think “Oh, I can just make it through with a home-brewed talent spec, picking and choosing what I like” I’m sorry to inform you, you’re wrong. Or at very least your not getting the most out of you deathknight.  Blizzard is doing a good enough job on there own, we don’t need to help them nerf us.


Single Target/Blood: Spec #1

Optional Rune Power: Spec #2

AOE/Unholy: Spec

Tank/Frost: Spec

You may have variations or disagree that other specs are great (I’m thinking specifically of those who stand behind a frost dps build /shudder). But without having to gear very specifically for your talent these are the tried and tested specs that I have made work and crunched numbers to ensure provide maximum benefit.


Now a very brief overview on gear. Wow has put in place my most and least favorite change of all time during one of there most recent patches. Heroics drop emblems of conquest. If you still need to be shown how to gear at 80 to get into Ulduar or ToC then there’s no help for you. Grind out heroics, get some pug experience in Naxx and OS if you think you need it and get those badges! Conquest gear is great and if you can pick up a cheap triumph (obtained from doing the daily heroics) piece or two during the process you’ll be even further ahead. I realize for most players this I old hat and I’m just retelling old news, but in the interest of being thorough I will occasionally mention things you’ve probably already heard about.

Next time I’ll delve into a few specific relics and their uses with each spec I’ve mentioned. Runeforging 101 and the do’s and dont’s of blowing your cooldowns in raids.

Thanks for coming back, hope to have more for you soon!