Cataclysm ended for me in April. It wasn’t a conscience decision, it just happened. The Glory of the Dragon Soul achievement for our raid members, a semi-traumatic guild meeting, and a rather abysmal drop in attendance and availability spelled the end of my raiding time, and consequently, my game-time as well.

I’ve been keeping up with my community reading, making a rather annoying (to my faithful WoW readers) LoTRO post, and popping into WoW to do a random transmute or help fill out the pesky Firelands raid for that wonderful, legendary stick.

I knew I wanted to play in the MoP expansion. I even spent a little bit of time in the beta, but I didn’t have a burning desire to follow the continuous ups and downs that come with testing a new class and new abilities. I also realized I was setting myself up for disappointment. I didn’t want to experience the new zones and dungeons now. I wanted to enjoy them later, finished, ready for my enjoyment and bumbling attempts at learning the ropes.

Now we have an expansion date. A check-in thread started on a forums a couple of weeks ago. A couple of members have confirmed their acceptance into other guilds. We’re missing responses from others. A few hangers-on, myself included, are waiting for the expansion to begin to decide what’s going to happen and where we’re going to go.

However, it makes it hard to be really excited about the upcoming expansion. As a solo player, I know I’ll be interested in leveling up a monk and checking out the changes to my existing characters. But without the carrot of a really great raiding experience, I am concerned about how long WoW will have the ability to hold any allure for me. While I’m happy to praise LFR for those who can’t raid regularly, I know I’d pop in, complete an instance and then never see the place again. Gearing just to gear doesn’t excite me.

To be really honest, part of the motivation, the excitement of a new expansion for me is making a plan and enjoying the anticipation of starting the project, being able to check all those milestones off my list. But with my current situation, there is no pressure, no goals that need to be met.

Does your guild/raiding situation affect how you feel about the expansion?


Snapshot of a Heroic Guild

I started this post by calling it something more technical, more in line with my normal blogging tendencies: Applying to a Heroic Guild. Then I thought, by Elune, how bloody pretentious. I’m not a GM of a heroic guild. I didn’t exactly go through a traditional guild process when applying to my guild. And I’ve already given advice about how to apply to a guild and what to expect. That doesn’t change just because you’re shooting for heroics.

When I really thought about why I felt a post was warranted in the first place, it’s because I wanted to address some of the things that bother me in our applications. Those things that make me think “You’re in the wrong place buddy.” Heroic raiding, like raiding itself isn’t for everyone, but if you’re considering, thinking, contemplating joining a raiding guild, there’s some things you need to consider before filling out that application, because all heroic mode guilds are not the same.

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Minipost: Ignored

I had a fellow player ignore/block me based on something my guildmate said. I personally have used my ignore function liberally to ignore trading trolls, people who randomly yell, people I don’t like in PuGs and the like. However, I’ve never done it to someone who I’ve never even spoken to. I’d just like to say, W.T.F. While I’ve looked askance at players from some guilds because of their reputation, I at least give them a chance to prove their ass-hattery before I cast them into the unfathomable depths.

Have you ever chosen to ignore/block someone based on their guild affiliation?

A Week as Windsoar

Upcoming Posts

First, a note.  I have not abandoned my raid frame projects — they are just quietly collecting dust in my draft folder until I have a bit more time to work on them.  X-perl should take another post (maybe 2) and then I’d like to feature grid because, frankly, I use it 😛 After that I’ll do a Vuhdo post for all you new users of that shiney new toy.  I also have some restoration shaman work to do, because it seems that has become my main at the moment.  Now on to other news.

Achievements and More

For the first time ever (read that — ever) I have completed all the requirements for a Holiday Event.  I have had many mains, and even more alts over the years, and not one has a completed holiday achievement — shocking, huh?  However, Windsoar is now proudly a member of the Hallowed, and is enjoying her time flitting around the world on her broom ‘o doom.

I’ve also managed to PuG my way into much of the content — I’ve managed to down VoA 10/25, Onyxia 10/25, and a few bosses in Ulduar 10/25.  My gear is starting to look pretty snazzy, and I must say, it is nice to be matching for a short time in my WoW career (shield included!)

Again, another first, I managed to be on the winning team of every battleground offered at this time.  You cannot know how thrilled I was to finally be able to turn in THAT quest — it’s been hounding me since 79!

New Horizons

I am also currently in the application process with a raiding guild on Scarlet Crusade.  While the folks at our current guild are nice enough, I don’t actually feel like a member of the team, because, well, there’s no team — they don’t run heroics, BG’s or raid together on any kind of consistent basis, and I feel somewhat at a loss on how to spend my WoW time (probably why I managed to get a holiday event done, but that’s not the point ^.^)

So, I went guild shopping.  I must say I’m kind of old fashioned, so I only apply to a guild at a time.  I chose the current guild based on their current content clear (they haven’t gotten Yogg down yet either, which is a plus to me, since I didn’t get her downed before I left my tank behind).  There are well-established on the server, and the current GM has been handling the guild management since 2007.  They bill themselves as a casual raiding guild — and to me, they fit in that gooey spot between hardcore and casual that I like — nice people getting together to down ugly monsters without a lot of guild drama on the side.

It has been a different application process for me.  I filled out an online application last week (which they haven’t updated since BC which made me slightly leery) and then I waited.  And waited.  Didn’t it say 2-3 days and someone would at least send me a “hey?”  So I got antsy and started sending online guild members /tells.

Hi, I’m a new applicant and I wanted to check on my application status.  Can you direct me to the right person/place to do that?

I tried the GM first — no response.  Ok, so she was in molten core, but I figured I wasn’t being a pain in the ass quite yet.  I went ahead and threw the same tell to another guild member online thinking, maybe she’s taking a dinner break.  Turns out I nabbed her husband, and I immediately get a /tell from the GM.

I’m the person you want to talk about your application!  Sorry I missed your tell.

Oh goodie, I feel better already.  A hands-on GM.  That could be good.  She proceeds to tell me the history of the guild, that my application looked fine and dandy, and that they were really impressed that I liked pie.

At this point, I’m asking what they’re looking for me to improve gear-wise.  I’m not fully enchanted (Hodir dailies are not my friend) and I figure I’m gonna have to make a bigger contribution in this department before I can see a raid.  And she says — nothing.  We’re more interested in the player — we can improve on gear.  I just sat and smiled.

I haven’t been accepted yet — I’m still guilded with my casual guild — but I have been running raids with them this week and so far I’m very happy with the situation.  Onyxia was lagging so bad on Tuesday that instant cast spells would be cast, and then you would count to see how long before they actually hit.  And there was no crying, whining or blaming Blizzard, but a let’s-see-how-it-goes attitude that was a delight to be a part of.  I’m really interested in seeing how their raids go in actual progression (for them and for me) before making my final decision.  But so far, so good.