A Call to Blizzard for a Better UI

This week’s Shared Topic at Blog Azeroth really struck a cord with me: What would you add to the UI with Cataclysm.  I must say, Elkagorasa’s question really made me think, because I run a very heavily modded user interface.  Add-ons and mods play a large role in my overall game-time, and are a source of endless amusement and fun for me.  However, what if there were no third-party add-ons.  What if I relied utterly upon the default Blizzard UI?  What would be the make and break factors for me in continuing to patronize this game after having enjoyed the ability to grab a mod for almost any function I could desire?  If Blizzard were to discontinue third-party add-on development for their game, you would see me lobbying in every forum available to me for the following functions to be added to the default user interface.

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