DPS Farming

It was the end of a weekly LFR run, and the group was huddled beside Deathwing’s cache waiting for dice to finish rolling. Out of the blue, one of the feral druids starts having a hissy cow about how the rogue (my friend incidentally) was a disgrace and should never ever come back to a LFR. Because it was my friend’s name that scrolled across the screen, I started reading:

– You are nothing but a DPS farmer.

– What’s a DPS farmer?

– If you don’t know, you’re just showing that you are one.

Well damn, thought I, maybe I’m a dps farmer too!

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Expectations & LFR

When LFR was announced, I was excited. Finally, a venue for folks who didn’t have regular schedules, who didn’t want to go through an application process, who wanted something that let them see all that content, from questing to heroics to raiding so they could enjoy the end of the sweeping storylines that define Azeroth.

While these reasons didn’t apply to me, I had a more personal and selfish reason for being excited: it gave me a place to go dungeoneering with friends whom, for whatever reason, I couldn’t raid with. I loved that LFR was going to be 25-man because I find 25’s to have less individual pressure (especially when you’re horribly overgeared) even though my computer doesn’t handle all those pixels and boss mechanics at the same time¬†with that raid size.

So now LFR has arrived. I spent a couple weeks flirting with the idea of doing a clear. I was lucky enough to do a full clear on normal before I gave LFR a serious look–between my own finals, and grading others–because there just wasn’t enough time. But I have spent the last few weeks doing a partial or full clear for the reasons above, and I’ve been thinking a lot about the purpose of LFR.

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