Production Company is Recruiting

I don’t think I’ve ever made a post solely for the purposes of recruiting before, but there’s a first time for everything. After a 6-month break, graduations, births, and new jobs, the team is back together and looking for more!

Leave the Drama to the Actors

Basic Information

Production Company

10-man Alliance, Moonrunner-US

Founded July 2007

Raid Times

Sunday 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. PST


All raiding content (heroic) and raid achievements completed by the end of the expansion.

This is a change from our previous raiding experience as a ranked heroic mode guild.

The Group

Production Company is primarily a group of adult, working professionals. Although we are reducing our raid hours per week the type of player we want to raid with remains the same: self-motivated, self-correcting, and dedicated players who strive to improve their performance week after week. Guild activities vary and are largely at the discretion of individual members. There is little directed activity outside of the raid.


Raiding with Production Company is all about maximizing encounter time. Members are expected to be able to dedicate themselves to the raid time when they are able to attend. Flasks/potions/feasts/repairs/enchants are provided for raid-ready members. Breaks are scheduled on an hourly basis. Since raiders are responsible for their own performance and improvement, errors will not be pointed out–we expect you know what you’re doing wrong and act accordingly.

Current Openings

  • Tank with fully capable DPS specialization. Shield tanks preferable.
  • Healer (2). Low desire for druids.
  • DPS (variable). Low desire for mage/rogue.

Get in Touch

If this sounds like the type of raid group and schedule you’re looking for, you can contact our team in a variety of ways.

Just start a new thread in the Casting Couch forum titled “Questions.” Our official application hasn’t been updated to reflect the new schedule, but it can still be used if you’re ready to apply.

  • Contact a member in-game.

My battletag is Windsoar#1521

Otherwise, just track down someone within the guild.

  • Contact by e-mail

Official/GM: 10manraiding @

Mine: windsoar.jadedalt @



Production Company: Progression & Recruitment

I don’t often post merely to hu-rah-rah about my guild, but since we’re actively recruiting at the moment, I thought I’d take a moment to report on our progress in Firelands! I actually wrote this post a couple of weeks ago, but I loved my screenshots so I just took the liberty of tacking on our last week of progress at the bottom!

(Recruitment information can be found at the bottom of the post for those interested! Continue reading

Now Recruiting

Just saw over at Dedicated Insanity that we are currently recruiting a shadow priest with healing off-spec.

Of course, if you’re awesome heals with a DPS off-spec, you might still get some consideration (and I might get to pew-pew for giggles!) *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

Production Company is a 10-man raiding guild located on Moonrunner. As of this evening we are 11/12, and are looking to start heroic modes in the next couple of weeks. Raid schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6:45 – 10:00 p.m. PST.

For more information on the guild, you can check out our nifty website here.