Minipost: What IS Solar Beam?

Ever heard a lazer chicken splutter? It’s not the easiest feat, especially with that beak of theirs. But over the weekend, as the hubby and I ran some randoms and worked on some Cata dungeon achieves, I could hear the anguished cries from the other room “Oh COME ON!”

Why you ask?

Because I think we didn’t meet a single tank who understood what a solar beam was.

While a well-placed solar beam is sometimes placed on a lone caster to lure it into your tank’s waiting arms, more often, a solar beam would be dropped directly on a packed clump of mobs only for the tank to… remove them.

So ignore your cat-like reflexes which pull you out of dangerous AoE bad stuffs, and stay in the bloody solar beam! Your boomchicken will thank you.

This is a public service announcement brought to you by the Moonkin Sanity Council, Chapter 2493. Thank you for your support!