Resto Druid Thoughts in 4.3

I debated writing this post this early in the cycle: we’ve barely touched upon the impact, and for a non-theorycrafter like myself, it can sometimes take a bit more time, a few more bosses to feel really comfortable saying “This is how I feel.”

I know as we ripped through Dragon Soul that first week I was a bit bummed. Mana seemed hard again… but it was just me. My healing team compatriots were doing just fine. I was also struggling to match my throughput. It’s been beaten into every druid’s head: who cares about cool-downs, we ARE healing machines. And I must say, it sure didn’t feel like that when the shaman pushed out a couple thousand more HPS, and had less overhealing.

But, because there’s invariably a butt, I now have a heroic mode under my belt, and I’ve had that extra week to work through some gear changes and different healing environments (I’m looking at you LFR). And while I’m not ready to stand on the mountaintops and declare that druids are the most awesome healers in the known universe (even if we are), I am prepared to say that I’ve found acceptance, and here’s why.

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Around the Campfire: Spirit

I’ve been seeing a lot of variation around the block when it comes to spirit. As I commented last week at Beru’s blog, I felt that I was in a mite nifty place, not running out of mana too early, but having a nice little cushion when a fight demanded it. However, this week, not only did I get my tier chest, I picked up the heroic leg and chest token as well as the random stat shoulders with a bit of intellect, stamina, haste and mastery.

Since I suddenly found myself in such an awesome sea of stat upgrades, I decided to play a bit with my gear-set and talents. So if you like anecdotal tales come sit around the campfire and review a night of changes with me!

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