Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet, I’m Hunting Rabbits or Training Your Roomie for Raiding

Sharing your home with your mother has all these hidden issues. What time should I bathe? Who lets out the cat? How much should I make for dinner because I still have no clue whether she’ll be taking care of herself or eating with us. And I’d throw laundry in here except our clay pipes finally gave up the ghost and laundry isn’t really an option at home anymore *sigh*

But it’s ok, because there’s WoW and gaming, right? Right?!

Since the beginning of January I’ve had to learn out how to cope with a person who likes to talk a lot. My quiet time has been reduced to hiding in the bathtub taking leisurely soaks (thank God prune skin goes away quickly). While I wish killing internet dragons ranked right up there with “quiet time” sadly it’s not been the case, but I’ve looked on it as a challenge: how to train your non-gaming room-mate to STFU!

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