The Player

My name’s Anne and I’m a 32 year old gamer and general nerdy type.  I live in Texas, and have been dabbling in MMO’s since the Realm Online caught my fancy (a 2-d mmo for those of you not in the know).  After a disasterous encounter falling out of a tree my first and last hour of Everquest, I experimented with Asheron’s Call (1&2), Final Fantasy XI and Dungeons and Dragons Online before finding my way to World of Warcraft.  Since then I have dabbled in Lord of the Rings, Rifts, the Secret World, and Diablo III.

Offline, I am a devourer of books, and a junkie for RPG’s and city building games, both PC and console. I’m a fangirl for Nintendo, and own all their consoles, as well as PS 1&2, Dreamcast (it WAS awesome, promise). My day job involves teaching the dreaded subjects of History and English at a community college.

The Games

I am currently playing the following as time and interest permits:

  • Diablo III – Windsoar#1521
  • Guild Wars II – Windsoar.2031
  • The Secret World
  • Lord of the Rings Online


The Blog

Jaded Alt will primarily cover topics of interest, well, to me. While it started as a World of Warcraft blog it has grown to encompass other gameworlds that I have become a part of and will continue to be my gaming journal. I primarily enjoy raiding, leveling, and fiddling with my UI, and I just love keeping a photojournal of my progress through screenshots. I rarely engage in PvP or “gold-making” practices, so you’ll likely not find any information of that kind here.

Want to Contribute?

I’m always open to the possibility of taking guest writers on a one-time or permanent basis. Being a guest writer can help you make a decision as to whether you’d like to contribute to others about particular issues you’re passionate about, or even encourage you to start your own blog! Since I do not have a class or role theme, I do not have any restrictions on the type of content that may be of interest to my readers. Just contact me if you’d like to chat about the possibility or submit a piece for review.


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