A Change of P(l)ace

Life changes. It baffles, amazes, and challenges us with its constant gyrations and demands. While I’m still playing my beloved MMO’s, I’ve have yet again hung up the towel with WoW. I didn’t notice it at first, with my own absences, and those cannot be helped absences from others, but after a month of no raiding, I realized another month had passed without me logging on… and then a second. While WoW has a lot to offer to the enthusiast, I discovered that I no longer fit the profile. Coupled with some drastic changes in my personal life, I realized I wanted a different scene, a different pace, and a different game.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find exactly what it is I do want. I’m too old and set in my ways… a bit jaded you might say. I’ve been playing both TERA and LoTRO to pass the time, but I’ve yet to find myself immersed in the culture of either game. The thing which is driving me from WoW–a lack of a permanent place–keeps me from really finding myself drawn to something new. I’m lazy. I have yet to expand myself beyond the bounds of just finangling with my own character to find myself a new home anywhere else. And that is ultimately, for me, is the allure and defining characteristic of an MMO. The ability to not only interact, but to connect with team-mates to challenge the group to meeting a goal. Without that essential component, MMOs rapidly lose their allure, and one is left wanting.

Will I find my place, my pace, the vital something that connects me with a new world and a new set of goals within it? I want the excitement and challenges of group content, but find myself reluctant to commit myself to a new dynamic when so many things in my own life seem uncertain. How can a business model predict the effect of personal upheaval? Of the loss of a vital link to the game at the very moment when it is most needed to keep interest alive?

While I hate to close up shop here, at my personal place of reflection and notes for the last few years, I must admit that it will be unlikely to be revived unless I find myself enthralled within a new gameworld, and further still, with a solid, dependable group that depends on my expertise and skill. To all those who have supported me, I thank you. For those who have found some niggling question answered, I’m glad I could help. I wish you all the best of luck in your gaming adventures. I hope to speak with you soon.

13 thoughts on “A Change of P(l)ace

  1. Awwww! Well, I will keep the RSS feed around as always, just in case you come back. 🙂 Maybe you’ll still be around on Twitter, yeah? (@slowpoker)

  2. Well, sad. I hope you do find what you’re looking for and I am glad I got to raid with you for the few months that I did.

    • I loved getting to spend time with you and your hubby. I wish things were different, but my personal life is really interfering with…. everything! right now.

  3. Hoping that you find that special place. Will send best thoughts. Thanks so much for all the help you gave me on my UI. You were a blessing.

  4. For the first time in my 7.5 years of playing WoW I cancelled my account. I have never stopped playing for more then a vacation until our guild started fragmenting due to life changes from many guildies (me included). While I went to First person shooter (BF3) again, the community aspect and the unique place ProCo created has raised the bar REALLY high for me to move forward with another community. I just recently went thru an old hard drive and found tons of screen shots from my first days in ProCo. When I started WoW I never had the intension of making connections with as many players as I did.

    While I have to get to work now (company audit), I check your site from time to time and was happy you checked back in. Brun glad to hear you are around and kicking. I will always have profound memmories of ProCo and the accomplishments we made and the fun we had, we never took ourselves that serious while wiping 175 times to Heroic LK, or the 200 hard mode Yogg-Saron wipes, or many of the achivements we all attained. Looking past the items recieved for the achievements it is the memmories I walk away with not the digital loot or mounts.

    • Yup I’m glad too to be still around and kicking. 🙂 Didn’t think I would be in 2013 but all good now.

  5. WoW. I’m upset I didn’t notice this until now; it’s been a busy period. I’m really, sorry to see you go, Winds, as I considered you one of my blogging inspirations. As I’m sure you can already see here and have hear elsewhere, you’ll be missed.

  6. I wish you the best in all your upcoming adventures, be they in games or IRL. You’ll always have my most heartfelt thanks for being such a wonderful supporter of my own blogging endeavors.

    ❤ Vix

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