A Change of P(l)ace

Life changes. It baffles, amazes, and challenges us with its constant gyrations and demands. While I’m still playing my beloved MMO’s, I’ve have yet again hung up the towel with WoW. I didn’t notice it at first, with my own absences, and those cannot be helped absences from others, but after a month of no raiding, I realized another month had passed without me logging on… and then a second. While WoW has a lot to offer to the enthusiast, I discovered that I no longer fit the profile. Coupled with some drastic changes in my personal life, I realized I wanted a different scene, a different pace, and a different game.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find exactly what it is I do want. I’m too old and set in my ways… a bit jaded you might say. I’ve been playing both TERA and LoTRO to pass the time, but I’ve yet to find myself immersed in the culture of either game. The thing which is driving me from WoW–a lack of a permanent place–keeps me from really finding myself drawn to something new. I’m lazy. I have yet to expand myself beyond the bounds of just finangling with my own character to find myself a new home anywhere else. And that is ultimately, for me, is the allure and defining characteristic of an MMO. The ability to not only interact, but to connect with team-mates to challenge the group to meeting a goal. Without that essential component, MMOs rapidly lose their allure, and one is left wanting.

Will I find my place, my pace, the vital something that connects me with a new world and a new set of goals within it? I want the excitement and challenges of group content, but find myself reluctant to commit myself to a new dynamic when so many things in my own life seem uncertain. How can a business model predict the effect of personal upheaval? Of the loss of a vital link to the game at the very moment when it is most needed to keep interest alive?

While I hate to close up shop here, at my personal place of reflection and notes for the last few years, I must admit that it will be unlikely to be revived unless I find myself enthralled within a new gameworld, and further still, with a solid, dependable group that depends on my expertise and skill. To all those who have supported me, I thank you. For those who have found some niggling question answered, I’m glad I could help. I wish you all the best of luck in your gaming adventures. I hope to speak with you soon.

Wrapping Up #MMONBI

The Newbie Blogger Initiative was a great success, and in addition to all the new bloggers who got started, there were also a ton of articles on a multitude of topics about blogging. Since I’m such a list compiler, I’ve decided to put together this final compilation of all the advice that was given (and hopefully received!) during our newbie blog drive. Thanks for all your contributions!

Special thanks to Syp for getting us all together, and Binkenstein and Rezznul for reviewing and tweaking my categories.

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Malware Reported

Once upon a time I was self-hosted with a buddy. There was a problem. Buddy had disappeared. I had no way to shut down my previous site or get my domain released back to me. Now self-hosted site is spewing out malware, and as much as I’d like to say I love reading my own melodious words, I don’t. Therefore, I never got around to pruning/updating all the links that included previous self-hosted site including about a year worth of posts (and even scarier) comments!

I imagine it’s going to take me a good week to get all that done. I won’t be making any posts this week so no one feels compelled to come read an archived post and click a bad link (yeah right).

So, if you have a link to my previous domain: jaded alt.com make sure that you remove or update said link. If you’d still like to link to me (or a past article) you can just add wordpress in there like so: jadedalt.wordpress.com.

If got dropped on this site (and hopefully the front page) protect yourself and don’t click anything to an outside jadedalt domain. Everything you need should be here, run a search if you’re looking for something in the archives.

I’ll post an update when I can report an all-clear, until then <3.

Ringing in 2012

I hope everyone survived holiday time with the family! My goal over the holidays was to do some good ol’ fashioned achievement whoring, and I must say, it was a wild success. I started with Loremaster, which I haven’t quite finished yet having Icecrown and Bloody Hell Bloodmyst Island–with its quest chain tied to a note in some Blood Elf’s pocket–standing between me and the achievement. With all the questing, and the gear that was thrown in my face time, after time, after time, I also did something over the weekend I thought I’d never ever do: I visited the ethereal’s shop!

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Giving Thanks

I love the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s a joyful time of family feasting followed by companionable attention to a football game until it’s time to head back for dessert. I was glad to find a feasting holiday added to Warcraft, because even if you don’t eat turkey and chutney in November, it’s likely that there’s a special holiday in your tradition that centers around a veritable feast shared with family and friends.

Before we dig in, we always make a point of going around the table to give everyone an opportunity to give their individual thanks for their blessings in the previous year. In that spirit, I wanted to take a moment to give thanks that I’ve met in and related to WoW.

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Minipost: A New Guide Page

I’ve done a lot of addon related guides, suggestions, and UI updates since I’ve been writing at Jaded Alt. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that I still hadn’t gotten around to updating all my categories and tags since I’ve made the jump back to wordpress.com, and instead of taking the time to do that, I just added a page with a handy link to all my addon related posts. Fancy, huh?

I also thought I’d mention that although I spontaneously do a guide now and again, most of my UI related instructional guides have been requests from readers, so if there’s an addon that you’d like me to tackle, feel free to ask!

Minipost: Cleaning House

Every few months I take an hour or two to prune my feedreader and blogroll. Any blog that hasn’t produced any content for 3 months or so should have been removed while new reads that I’ve started following have been added.

If I’ve precipitously hit the delete button on your blog, let me know. Otherwise, enjoy the new reads (and the slight format change!)

And just because someone asked: I try to rotate out my “Favorites” on a semi-regular basis based on posts that I’ve chosen to share with my readers. There’s no set time, it’s just a little something to let people know who I’ve been visiting most often in the last few weeks (or sometimes months, like I said, it’s pretty random!)

A Query About Guides

Hey gang. I made it back to town after a lovely stay in New England, and I’ve been ruminating on the blog a bit while I’ve been away. I’ve been thinking specifically about the dungeon guides that I love to do, and how I could make them publishable within a more relevant time frame. As many of you have noticed (and contacted me about!) I kind of lagged out mid T-12, and in an effort to improve that, I have some questions for you!

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