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I had a fellow player ignore/block me based on something my guildmate said. I personally have used my ignore function liberally to ignore trading trolls, people who randomly yell, people I don’t like in PuGs and the like. However, I’ve never done it to someone who I’ve never even spoken to. I’d just like to say, W.T.F. While I’ve looked askance at players from some guilds because of their reputation, I at least give them a chance to prove their ass-hattery before I cast them into the unfathomable depths.

Have you ever chosen to ignore/block someone based on their guild affiliation?


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  1. Never. I wouldn’t seek out groups with guilds I question, but when I end up in one, I give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they give me a reason not to.

  2. The guild tag is a powerful thing. One of the things that I tried to do when I was a guild leader was to keep our guild tag as clean as possible. You don’t disrespect others while you have our tag, if you want to troll, make an alt that is not guilded. What I never realized would happen is that it would make other people not in the guild question me all the time. Not sure why they cared about a guild they were not in, but several times I had to end up ignoring people that would think the rules I had were too ‘extreme.’

    During the 3 years the guild ran we had a handful of people leave for a variety of reasons, and it seems like they either wanted back in or were just really soured towards me as a guild leader. A couple of times people I had never played or interacted with would send me a tell and ignore me. Later I found out it was all based on either exaggeration or flat out lies about me, the rules or the guild.

    Drama and gossip are a powerful thing that can disrupt your gameplay or even your guild. I say that if someone based on rumors, lies or the behavior of others ignores you, you are way better of. That person is obviously not mature or intelligent enough to approach you about the situation to verify your point of view or involvement. You will have less drama for sure, so IMHO take it as a good thing.

    • I am definitely trying to take it that way! I’m sure that I’ve been /ignored before, but I was blissfully unaware of the occurrence ^^ It somewhat rankled me that when I contacted them, they told me, oh no nothing to do with you, I had a problem with one of your guildmates. I’m sure that it’s much more common as a guild leader–I know I constantly fielded questions about the reliability of my members in the field (before you could random!) and I sure don’t envy GM their high visibility and public accountability for their members.

          • As soon as I saw this I was like WTF? I can’t imagine anyone in our group causing a reaction like this!

            Then I found out it wasn’t in-game, it was on twitter (interesting how everyone, including myself, assumed it was in-game) and I also found out that I was apparently the offending party (I’m her GM)

            Oddly enough, these two things made me perfectly ok with the situation.

    • With the new LFG criteria, I often ignore people I wouldn’t have before simply to avoid grouping with them again.

    • I’ve done that too. It usually let me know that guild was rapidly the wrong place for me, but I have done it!

  3. I’ve never blocked or ignored someone just because I dislike their guild. I have been tempted but I have a need to KNOW what’s going on around me! I have turned off guild chat when someone pisses me off but never have I ignored someone. (Vent is different, I have ignored people on there before.)

  4. I dont /ignore. But i do ignore people from certain guilds. They where idiots, odds are they have alts in the same guild. I allways do who on people before i reply to them anyway.

    So BH? No, Old content? No, Craft? No. Your in that guild.

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